Troop Abilities: focus fire, charge, stand ground...?

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I've always loved M&B's tactic system for its simplicity, but I was hoping for more in Bannerlord. I know this concern has been raised but I'm just gonna reiterate: implementation of some more focused commands would help make simulations feel more immersive. Right now, commands still feel more or less useless, as do formations and the like. Custom formations, commands or something else would be a welcome change. A command such as 'focus fire' for ranged units to attack a targeted area, or even a command to 'fire' all at once instead of the on/off fire command.

I want to be able to have a troop of archers, tell them to ready arrows and yell for them to loose arrows all at once (or something like that).

Or for cavalry: have an actual 'charge' command or ability, have a line of cavalry follow a few feet behind me, spears/lances drawn and lowered to actually simulate a wave'like charge.

Or spearmen and pikemen (or even add longer pikes): have a 'stand ground' ability, have a wall of spears facing a cavalry charge. We'd first need the ability to hold our spears out to impale an enemy, instead of endlessly stabbing (this is frustrating, as it's quite unrealistic to always have to do a mini QTE with charging horsemen)...

Or even a shield wall that actively puts men WITH shields in the FRONT line of the wall...

I would suggest either abilities, or more formations and commands. But I hope someone sees this and agrees, and I hope TaleWorlds is doing alright and might consider implementing more immersive commands and troop abilities.

Conclusion: Archers feel random and sentry like, cavalry are fast tanks and can barely charge (although they're 100% better than Warband) and spearmen are barely a counter.
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