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Tried Warband for the first time. Why didn't they just do a remastered version instead of Bannerlord?

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To be fair with Mech & Blaster, the current constant war of attrition with endless casualties would make much more sense with an intergalactic total war vs an early medieval war that we have now. Not that I asked for it.


So, after a year or so I decided to get a cheap copy of Warband. It is hard if you come from BL. I am trying Floris Evolved and I can see why people were commenting on Warband's features. So, my question is: Why haven't they decided to just remaster what they had instead of adventuring in BL? Why not just a graphics overhaul and some additions such as those that are in Floris and similar?
I think their aim was to make a new engine so they could add more mechancis and physics and better graphics. Where that engine they were using was really old, remastering doesnt let you do that. They rebuilt the game from the ground up so they could make it better in the long run. This game is still in Early access so let it develop then cast judgment. Maybe when this game is done they could do that, but this bannerlord is way better than them so.
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