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So I made my own empire, just me without any other clans. I conquered a ton of land, so tribute payments are really high for peace, but I have a ton of money so I could deal with it. In the diplomacy tab, it says my kingdom is paying ~8k to the Northern Empire, ~27k to the Aserai and ~25k to Sturgia, all in all that should be ~60k tribute. Since I'm the only clan in my kingdom, I expected that I would have to pay all of it. However on my finance tab it says that I'm only paying ~10k.

So I'm not sure if I found a bug or if I'm not understanding the tribute system correctly, can anyone enlighten me?
It could be income from your fiefs keeping payments low, but by the sound of it you are talking about just the tribute expense. I have no idea why it did that then.
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