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Let's be blunt, Wars are near-constant and meaningless.

From what I can tell, Wars are mainly declared in order to obtain tribute or break out of tribute deals. Once a certain amount of tribute is obtained,
Vassals will want to broker peace despite having the upper-hand.

I say this as we have no idea why kingdoms are declaring war. MB had a handy little feature in the diplomacy menu that let
the players know WHY wars were declared.

This would be:

1) Expansion
2) Recover lost land
3) Curtail growing power

From save-scumming and what not, I believe that wars are just an RNG calculator that really have no merit. By loading a previous save before declarations of war, I can avoid being attacked from all fronts.

I think the following features need to be mandatory in the current state of the game

1) AI War Goals

- Why is the AI declaring war? What is it goal in doing so? Knowing what it hopes to achieve should be tantamount in eventually brokering peace and to prevent
the confusion surrounding all these sudden declarations of war.

2) Player declaring war declares their intention

- When proposing a declaration of war, the player should choose their goals in this war: Expansion, Recovering Territory, or Threat removal.

- The balance of power should influence the success of each war goal.

3) Tribute should a short-term deal

- With the lack of diplomatic options (non-aggression, pacts, etc), the game desperately needs windows of peace. 60 days of truce following a war should've
been implemented many patches ago.

- With the tribute system, it is a constant tug-of-war to achieve monetary gains in war, which takes precedence over actually taking territory. Tribute paid should only be done so in the truce period, after which the slate is wiped cleaned.

tldr; wars appear to random, tribute causes wars, please stop attacking me non-stop
I agree with your points.
1) AI War Goals
I believe Mexxico stated that in a further update the reasons for declaring war are given. As I understand, this will not change the current experience, but it will at least give the player more background.

2) Player declaring war declares their intention

Expansion, Recovering Territory, or Threat removal, I like to add: obtain tribute and Loot (it is a mayor factor of the player income)

Reasons for peace:
Loosing a war, Obtaining war goals, Multiple wars, Opening trade routes.

3) Tribute should a short-term deal
yes definitely.Tribute should be a fixed total amount . If it is reached, payment stops and kingdoms stay at peace. It should be possible for a kingdom to stop paying, but the ruler should get an untrustworthy status in negotiations.

Tributes should be discussed in a barter screen. Preferably with an envoy in the players court or an envoy in the opponents court.
It would even be better if the personal skills and perks of the ruler/envoy involved would influence the results. Depending of the war progress and the power bar you can offer/demand: settlements/castle's, money over time, items, marriage, hostages.

I would especially like to see hostages as a system to encourage a kingdom to fulfill their tribute agreement and or peace settlements.
Seen as Bannerlord is loosely inspired by the late roman period, this would make sense. Think of Atilla the Hun as hostage of the romans.
Killing hostages should not give you negative effects (only with the direct family).

I agree with a curtain fixed peacetime after ending a war. The hostages should only be returned after this period is ended. The length of this period should also be bartered in the peace deal. (within reasonable gameplay limits).

Wars should not be constant because of kingdoms getting out of tribute payments.
Maybe a logical way to give the kingsdoms a natural reason for wars is to have conflicting claims on settlements, This way the "recovering Territory" reason can always trigger a war.
War weariness can also be a way to curb the time a kingdom spends in a war.
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