Travelling Fair & Seasonal Holidays - Two major village events

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I would like to suggest fleshed-out additions to village scenes. These will be purely optional so that those players who prefer to play, almost exclusively, on the kingdom management, macro-level can do that without being bothered. Now for my two suggestions which do not require the creation of new scenes and yet add a lot to the game - especially the RPG aspect:


What it is:

A village event, a travelling fair, 1 for each region of Calradia, travelling around and settling in a different village for a couple of days every week.

Gameplay elements:
  • singers, musicians, jester, actors, merchants
  • actors & a crowd standing there to watch (doesn't even need voice acting necessarily, just reuse crowd sounds + acting/talking animations)
  • Food items: merchants with special foods and beverages to buy with mildly stronger or different effects from ordinary ones.
  • jester walking around and perhaps dancing or doing some silly moves. Can be talked to for silly dialogues.
  • Tournament: a wooden/practice weapon contest (the tournament system is already implemented, and could be reused here). Taking place within a small, improvised "arena", within a roped off area. Rewards: A small sum of money in addition to a piece of good civilian clothing.
  • Quest: with questioning and violent (brawl), murderous, or peaceful solutions. Farmer lost his prize goose, vegetable etc. find the thief through investigation.

Development requirements:
  1. simple index for each region of Calradia once every X amount of weeks moving to next village (with usual If-then-else rotations for instance skipping raided villages)
  2. spawning of all the NPCs in each village.
  3. reuse of the arena tournament system with wooden weapons
  4. creation of a small arena enclosure with rope fences & a crowd standing around + arena organiser.
  5. no new assets needed, except perhaps clothing for jesters.
  6. dialogues for: merchants, "arena" organiser, jester, quest npcs
  7. creation of new food items like "improved ale" & "improved beef" for example (only technical, not ingame, names)
  8. quest with NPC missing items gone missing - within same village scene.

Conclusion on the TRAVELLING FAIR:
A feature adding a lot of new immersive content making the villages come to life and become scenes worth visiting more than once. This in a realistic way, only occasional visiting fairs. New minor but nonetheless useful gameplay rewards: civilian clothes in the form of prizes in village tournaments. Slightly more nutritious food items.


What it is:

A traditional village celebration once a month in which certain villages are decorated with flowers and flags over several days and they put out icons/statues/flower poles to celebrate their ancestors and/or nature - depending on the culture. The celebrations are not for amusement, meaning they do not happen in combination with the travelling fairs. Included are a few different quests. Villages work a bit slower during the celebrations, but that can be prevented by force.

Gameplay elements:
  • Minor, temporary changes to village scenes with added decorations in central areas during the event. Not necessarily all villages have to have these celebrations.
  • village is less effective economically for the duration of the celebrations.
  • Quest: The player has the opportunity to capture and return a local group of petty-crime bullies to the village elder and thereafter decide their fate: Pardon them on the occasion of the holiday or exile them. Either option has a chance of causing a brawl and reputation plus/minus with the different village NPCs.
  • Reputation: Any player can offer rare products or fine food items to the celebrations thus increasing reputation with the village.
  • Reputation: The lord of the village can deny the villagers the right to celebrate and instead envision the tradition as a time for extra toiling. This triggers a world map timer in which the villagers are informed of their lord's decree. Then follows a RNG event possibly causing local village strongmen to try and beat up the player and his/her bodyguard depending on RNG, player charisma stats and current village reputation. If the process is succesful, the player suffers a moderate amount of reputation points, but the village will not only not work slower, but actually work a bit faster than usual for the duration of the event. If the player fails, the celebrations will continue and the player will lose a few reputation points.

Development requirements:
  1. Index with regional villages and a timer to when it happens. If-then-else avoiding villages denied the right & denying travelling fairs during the same period.
  2. quest spawning local bullies on the outskirts of the village. Quest dialogues and thereafter walking to the village elder.
  3. Quest dialogues and stat checks.
  4. minor scene changes - only decorations and perhaps a single small statue or other small "monument".

Conclusion on the SEASONAL HOLIDAYS:
A feature adding new immersive content making the villages seem like places with their own culture and wishes. Several opportunities to allow the player to act like a protector of tradition with donations and other good deeds, or to act with disrespect and cruelty by denying the right of the villagers. From a DnD RPG-perspective, this amounts to choosing between lawful good or lawful evil actions thus allowing the player to act more like a real person.
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