Transmute Iron to gold?

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Baron OhShi said:
You need to unlock the highest level of Necromancy, whereupon it tells you the recipe: Blood + Iron.
. I have the level of necro that allows me to make the stone I just don't know where to put the blood and iron. I don't see any menus for it
You make it via the Necronomicon itself - when you view the recipe, there should be an option to make it, if you have the ingredient.
Thats so weird - I don't have the option to do it. I have blood in my inventory, and iron, and the stone - but no option in the book. What page would it be on? I click on the philosphers stone, and under that there is still no option.

Do I need a bowl or pot or something for the option to show?

also, does pandors box do what it says as well?
Oh ok, I see.  It just didn't seem right since you get the philosphers stone on page 3, and the recipe is on the very last page. Thought my game was bugged :sad: thank guys!

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