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Would you like to be able to Train your kids

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What do you think.
I would like to have it from the age of 10 you can pick where and what your kids train in. they start with no states so training would be important .this will go until they reach the age when they become a part of the clan.. not sure yet what that age is yet ..
Kid 1 train them in sword Fighting for 1 year. 2nd year Horse riding .
Kid 2 train them in Archery for 1 year. 2nd year farming ..
and so on this gos on in what ever you would like them to train in.. makes it better for when one day you have to pass on to them when you are dead..

So what do you guys think..

Owen Wulfson

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I would prefer if we had some way of working good traits into our children as they aged. I like marrying Ira of the Southern Empire, but the description of our children with her traits comes off as a freaking nightmare -_-
I feel like there should be something that mirrors our own character creator. Let me tell my kid to go tend to the sheep, or train with the skirmishers.
I am sure this will be done with mods anyway.. but i would like to see TW put it in the game just to give people more things to play with.


If they weren’t just so fckng useless by the age of 18+
they are the worst companions imaginable with negative levels. so I’m going to have to use the trainer mod.


Just like in The Guild ^^ Buying stuff to your kids, and make them learn or study somewhere.
It's something which lacks, too, the religion part, fortified monastery and temples and holy wars.
Seems like its unanimous.
Kids are a nothing until they come to age and that's near impossible to reach unless you mod the game.


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Education would be awesome.

Pick a smart companion (wife/husband at default), attach to kid as tutor.


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It would be cool if they had 0 skills and, like in POP, me or the companions gotta train them by physically going there and do it.
Either arena style or POP style, like some time passes and after they have learnt some of the teacher's skills.

Blood Gryphon

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I dont remember where, probably the children blog post from way back when, but I think they said there will be missions to go back to your fief with your child for some life event where you get to make a choice that impacts their stats. Probably like our choices in character creation, like ok force your child to start trading things in the market, etc. From one of the devs recent forum posts most of the teams are focusing on fixing early/mid game first before they start working on implementing end game features. It would be nice to get some kind of temporary fix in the mean time while they flesh that one out.

Edit: Link "As she grows, we will be able to spend more time with her, interact with her, share our experiences and skills with her, and develop her into a fine young woman." It's more implied than stated in detail.
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From one of the devs recent forum posts most of the teams are focusing on fixing early/mid game first before they start working on implementing end game features.
Kids are scarcely end-game feature, you can easily get a wife while not being a vassal, and she often gets pregnant almost 3 days after you get married. By the end-game I have 11 kids from 2 different wives (one of them died in childbirth) and 9 of them are already 27-30 years old. Children need fix, as long as all lords should be able to marry and make kids too. Right now my mid-game looks ridiculous - 94-years old Derthert still riding and fighting against 76-years old granny Rhagaea.

By the way, I do not insist, but I'd be very grateful if you would provide me the link for that dev blog.
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