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HI, I've attempted this quest several times now, but I have 197 men, no matter how much I farm bandit parties the borrowed troops never get a look in. Twice in a row I had a single borrowed troop left and failed the quest, secondly the inability to separate these troops out from the others means that trained troops get caught up in battle when you don't want them to.
Either the order of battle system needs looking at (which it does anyways IMHO), or;
A) Trained troops should continue to level so that they have less chance of dying in battle.
B) The ability to train individual troops personally could be added on the last day of the quests' timer, with the ability to fail.
C) The ability to send the trained troops home when most of them are trained, according to suggestion (A) if you have enough higher tiered troops it wouldn't matter if one or two had failed their training.
Thanks for reading :smile:
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