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Trade Suggestions: better UI and block world trade info

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Bit two fold but it would really help if it were possible to organize the trade screen, namely like it was back in Warband. You had different tabs (merchants) you could click through based upon what you wanted to buy or sell but at current you just get a massive, long winded list of everything being sold. I do not want to know the price of grain and butter while trying to find a shield or vice versa. Having a way to better organize these different points of sale would be wonderful, one tab just for common goods, one for horses, armor, weapons.

Second of all in trade is I really dont care to see the game slow down and start skipping (FPS death, my machine is new and tough with a darn good CPU) because the game wants to stop and tell me all about how some caravan or group of peasants just sold x5 butter x12 grain to Y city or that some merchant just sold a load of x12 figs. Dont care. Dont want to know! It just kills my FPS when it stops everything to tell me all about who is selling what. It would be nice to have the ability to completely control what information is being displayed on the world map and also the ability to just BLOCK EVERYTHING for smoother play.
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