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Trade skill bugged?

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I dont know if it is just diplomacy or a patch... or what have you.

but I have my trade way up  to 6/7 and I am not noticing any tremendous or noticeable drops in prices like I used to at even 4 or 5... like raw silks from rivacheg used to go down to like 200-300 and now they up still 400-500--- and they would sell for 600 or so at suno.

or salts from one of the nord capitals used to go down as low as like 97 or something even further... but they are staying upwards 150+

Can anyone tell me If this has been a change to the economy for Diplomacy, a Patch, or a bug?
I just installed the diplomacy mod, some of whose features I already know from mods like 'native expansion', for the first time and struggle with the trading also. I started with trade skill 3 and after 10+ days the prices still seem awfully high. In the native game my most profitable trade routes used to be iron from Curaw to Reyvadin or elsewhere and salt from mostly Bariyye, Ahmerrad and Tulga in the south to the north. I also bought beer in Praven and oil in Suno or fish on the coasts once in a while. This was quite lucrative, and in combination with roaming around hunting bandits, doing tournaments, building up a small elite knight force and recruiting my companions, trading was an important part of my early game strategy.

So far this seems pretty much impossible. After a while (10 days) I shut down the diplomacy mod economy in the camp menu, but until now, around 15 days into the game, that hasn't really have had any effect either.

Do you have any insight in the way trading (the economy) works in the diplomacy mod, its differences to the native game, and what the effects of turning the mod economy on/off are?

Btw I installed the Diplomacy 4.3. for 1.153 mod version onto my automaticly by steam updated native 1.154 version. Supposely (according to the forum), this should work.



I have exactly the same problem.. in native, I have used a LOT of time trading, and I know most prices and where to buy and sell by heart, but since i started Diplomacy it has been much much more difficult to profit from. I also tried disabling economic changes, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Some of the differences:

Note: My trading skill is at where it always is when i trade: 4.

Velvet: You can buy this cheap at Jelkala in native, now its as expensive as its selling price, so its not even worth touching anymore.
Oil: Could earlier be bought at various Rhodok and Swadian Towns, especially Suno, at ~300-350 and sold at ~430-450, but now the buying price is up to the selling price, same as velvet.
Spices: This one is not as bad, but the selling price has dropped by ~100 everywhere.
Iron: Selling price dropped by ~50.
Raw silk: Usually could be sold at Veluca and Jelkala for >700, now its down to <600.
Flax bundle: Previously bought at praven at ~95-110, sold at ~200-220, now its ~120-130 and ~170-180.
Linen: Previously bought at Sargoth for ~120-160 later sold for ~250-270. Now its ~220-240 and ~240-260.

The list goes on. The evidence is pretty clear that something is wrong.
It's too bad, because I love everything else about this mod, especially the fact the lords can be let back to their original faction.


I used to trade a lot... But maybe it's not the best way to earn money. Of course, you can still find some salt/spices and iron, but when I realized after being away for 1 year from the game that trading was not "working" anymore, I've tried a different approach to earn money and it worked...

- Created a character with some fighting skills (Noble, Page, Squire, Forced...)
- Trained A LOT on the arenas. It may seem slow at the beginning but gives you some money and exp.
- My first priority is agi to 12 (increases a bit your attack speed), then Weapon Master 4 (learn faster), then str 12, Iron/Power Strike, and only then the others. I usually leave str at 15, agi at 12, cha at 12 and int increasing constantly and it makes me a good fighter already, but it's up to you.
- Then after a lot training, when 1H/2H/Polearms were at least at 120 each (all this in 1 day at the game), go for tournaments and bet at myself.

Tournaments: There are some towns better and others worse to bet in yourself. I find the Khergit ones boring. In Sarranids, I like Shariz, don't remember other towns. Rhodoks I don't bet a lot too, they are hard. Swadia I like Praven (instead of couching use the lance attacks to make the other fighter fall from the horse first, only then couching) and Uxkhal, don't like Dhirim and don't remember Suno. Vaegirs and nords almost every town I like. The trick is not to get your hopes too high in one that you can end up as an archer facing a mounted polearm in the final round :wink: I'm not saying that you should not go on this kind of tournament, but the highest I bet is around 200. Remember also that you can pick items that others drop on the ground ("F" key) during the fights if you are really fast (start with a bow, end the round with a 2H Heavy Sword - that works for Arena too).

Arena: Size does matter and it's different on every town. The towns I like most is when the others need to walk a long time to reach you after spawn. Otherwise they may beat you too quickly while you are still engaged in a fight. Guys with bow: Try not to walk on a straight line and try to "predict" counting the time when they will fire on you and walk away on that moment, that way you can avoid being knocked out. | Last hint: I usually try to beat everyone until I've beaten 20 people, the last prize before being the last one standing alone. Then, it's not worth because people begin to spawn too quickly. So I try to run, avoid fighting, etc. and let them fight themselves. It works a lot of the times.

Then finally, with enough money, I hire some mounted mercenaries and let them fight for me at the beginning while I stand back watching (never auto battles). I send them to fight a lot. So I can get some good sea raider equipment and be able to fight on the battles too and later afford some expensive plate armor :wink:

So after that until you become a vassal the game becomes basically hunting bandits and going for tournaments. And yes, you can make a good money.

In the end, M&B is more about fighting than anything else! :wink:
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