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Trade completely unprofitable?

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First of all, many thanks for making such a great mod. It really is fantastic!

I'm having a problem trading which is proving to be a complete game-breaker for me, however. I have Level 4 in trade and yet every time I "assess prices" in a city, I can't find anything profitable. The biggest I ever saw was 70 denars profit for a unit of oil: the rest are, say, 6 denars for grapes, 12 denars for iron, etc. Cities such as London, which have around 15 units of linen(or wool cloth? Forgotten) are still only selling it at 250 denars despite the surplus. Is anyone else having this problem?

Also, all of the lords of the Kingdom of England have transparent chests.

Despite these gripes, it really is a brilliant mod.
Thanks for getting back to me! I'll post some screenshots in this thread shortly. There's one other small thing - I notice that in the KTLB mod description, it says that the Diplomacy Mod 2.8 is part of this mod. However, I'm not encountering any Diplomacy Mod features (chamberlain, constable etc., alliances, persuading kings to go to war etc.). Has the Diplomacy Mod been removed from the latest version of KTLB? Many thanks again for your mod.
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