Town of Salem

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Town of Salem is an online game similar to mafia, created by BlankMediaGames

The aim of the game changes with various roles. Generally the game splits into three different categories Town, Mafia and Neutral. The goal of the Town (or Townies) is to kill all the Mafia, and other hostile neutrals, such as the serial killer or arsonist. The Mafia's aim to kill all the Townies, and any hostile neutrals. The Neutrals have a variety of goals relating to their individual roles. Generally, the Neutrals don't have a particular side. Deception is a massive part of controlling and winning the game.

The game is split into Classic Mode and Custom Mode. In Classic Mode there is a standard set of Roles (9 Townies, 3 Mafia, and 3 Neutrals) whereas in Custom Mode, the host can set whatever roles they want to include in the game.

Basically a game about tricking other people.
I have to admit I'm somewhat addicted now.

Caught myself playing about three hours in a row o_O
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