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Town Guard Special Squads and Assassin Gangs (Information for/on Clans)

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Now that I heard some people talk about clans in this mod today, I would like to tell you all about my ideas for clans in this mod, may it be new ones founded just for this mod or older ones that decided to play this mod together.

Rules for Assassin Hunt Clans:

- Each Clan needs, for sure, a Name.
- Each Clan needs to post a topic with information on the clan here in the Assassin Hunt Subforum
- Each Clan needs to choose a side (Guards or Assassins)
See that this does not mean that you are not allowed to play on the other side, no. This is just for Clanfights and things like that, will come to that later.
- Of course, Clan Members need to behave good, which means no insults and things like that, as usual.

If your clan has all this, it can be called an official Assassin Hunt Clan!

What Bonus do you get as an Assassin hunt Clan?

- Each Clan will get its own banner in the mod (Please see that these can only be added with an update)
- We (which mostly means: I) will watch ingame if your members behave good and things like that and then we (which again means I) will decide if you are allowed to get up a rank. What this means will be said later.

What about Clan Matches?

- Well, most clanmatches would be something like Assassin Clan vs. Guard Clan in Team Deathmatch mode. If an Assassin Clan plays against an Assassin Clan, It becomes a bit harder. I will see what I can do with that.

Are there any requirements?

- You need to have at least 3 Members (Only Members actively playing Assassin Hunt count) to get your Banner and to play Clanfights, but more people than just three would be very good.
- You need to have fun playing this mod

Clan Ranks?

- Depending on your Clan Faction, you will get bonuses when you get higher ranks. This might for example include a heraldic mail for your members when you are a guard clan and things like that. Note that no one of these rewards will give you any advantage, they are mostly to recognize your members (Assassins will not get any special armor of course, that would be kinda stupid)

- You can choose a symbol and a color for you rbanner, I will then make the banner. An alternative would be that you send me a banner you made yourself. There is one important thing, though:
- You can't use a banner with content from other games than Warband! Things like Assassins Creed Symbols can not be allowed because we would then loose our Sub Board!

That's it for now, more detailed information will be added when (if) the first clans are found/founded.

Note that this is not final and can be changed at any time!



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Added you.

The_black_Knights said:
Banner: A black Banner with a bloody Dolch in a skull head pls
This sounds like a request. I'm sry but I can't make a banner for you, you need to make i tyourself or search someone else. I can include it, though if you send it to me or post it here.
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