Tournaments... questionably implemented?

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Love the ideas about the fee. I feel like there should be a tournament prize purse, in addition to betting and maybe the okay equipment piece (could take or leave that).
But yeah, super easy. I am NOT great at the 1v1 in this game, but I feel I've won nearly 9/10 tournaments by cheesing the group fights with AI pathing hacks and just... being mediocre on the 1v1.
Also yeah, regular tournaments now just fill the place of Warband practice fights for me since the pay isn't great and the difficulty is low. Grand Tournaments sound necessary.
(And practice fights just get me money for the board game bet so I can then have real cash for tournament betting- which has come up like maybe twice in 50 hours or so).
If I were snarky and sarkastic, I would say 'there is SOME unused potential in the whole game'

That said, I hope, they will do something with that and use it.
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