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We have provided this central board that acts as a showcase for all on-going events and allows tournament & event organizers to display their "Main" or "Sign-up" thread there. This will provide a regular forum user or a visitor with quick and easy access to all on-going events.

You are expected and encouraged to use the correct prefixes for threads (maximum 4 prefixes per thread allowed):
- Location: EU, NA, SA, OCE, CN, INT, Other
- Base: Native, DLC, Mod
- Type: Siege, Duel, Battle, Other
- Stage: Open, In-progress, Completed

The optimal expected choice would be :
a.) 1-2 Location prefixes (INT prefix also covers more than 1 location)
b.) 1 Type prefix
c.) 1 Stage prefix
d.) 1 Base prefix (only for Warband at the moment)

You will be able to swap between some of these prefixes as time progresses and the "Stage" of your event changes.

Concluded one-thread events (non-recurring but with iterations like #1, #2,...) will be moved straight to the "completed" subboard. A single event/tournament can only have one "Live" thread in these boards.

If more threads are needed, you're encouraged to create a group.

Let's take a look at some existing examples and how this works with the new system:
Warband Revival Cup
The Warband Revival Cup has multiple threads. The sign-up thread would be posted under Tournaments & Events -> Mount & Blade: Warband . The main tournament organization would happen directly in their group that they could promote directly through the Sign-up thread via the BB code (explained here).
Blademaster Duel Tournament
Since this was a tournament that didn't require multiple threads, no group creation was needed. Should a similar event occur again, a sign-up thread would be posted under Tournaments & Events -> Mount & Blade: Warband. The thread would act both as a showcase for the event, present rules, allow players to sign-up and present the results when the event concludes.
Calradic Tales / Calradic Campaign
This is a fortnightly reoccurring event. As such, the event thread would be kept in the Tournaments & Events -> Mount & Blade: Warband board. If a reoccurring event stopped operating, it would be moved to the "Completed" board.

Some resources for tournament administrators are:
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