Tournament vote?

What should be the next warband Native tournament that you want to play in?

  • WNL (6 vs 6)

    Votes: 47 37.3%
  • WNL (8 vs 8)

    Votes: 29 23.0%
  • Native Fantasy League (6 vs 6)

    Votes: 8 6.3%
  • NFL ^ (8 vs 8)

    Votes: 8 6.3%
  • Nations Cup (May struggle)

    Votes: 26 20.6%
  • Warband Winter Cup

    Votes: 5 4.0%
  • Warband 5-aside League

    Votes: 2 1.6%
  • Scramble League

    Votes: 1 0.8%
  • WPL

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters

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Seems like a lot of work not sure if someone would be up for so much work.

We'll have to find someone willing to host a tourney first regardless. I could consider hosting one but I'm not to sure yet.

I agree, but I believe that'd be the most fun and balanced tourney we could get. Fantasy tournaments tend to die for two main reasons, players don't get to choose where they go - get mad/bored and leave or the tournament is simply a ****ing mess. If there's incentives to play, salary cap systems are implemented (not simply just trading x for y because its my friend and there's no real "punishment" for such behaviour) and free agency + draft classes are implemented well the rest is simply a league system into a knockouts, pretty easy to handle fixture-wise.

We're always playing the same **** over and over again and then complain about how boring and stale the scene is.
This system brings dynamism, roster changes every season, promotes players and teams that are performing well by giving them bigger salaries or status and at the same time helps out the teams that aren't by giving them higher chances at a potentially key player in the next draft class or trade week.

And tbf this type of tournament could be easily done if there's a big admin team that share responsabilities instead of having names on it for the sake of it, we've always worked in tournament "groups" like the AE bunch with some of the iconic tourneys or the spaniards and myself with the WSCs just to name a few, if some of us (and I don't mean everyone) could work together it'd be 10 times easier.
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I would be happily willing to host one, but as for only just starting to use the forums again and pretty much never really hosting a tournament I wouldn’t know what to do, but I would do it if I knew how to set it out and plan it
fantasy leagues SUCK

We haven't had fantasy league on native since 2018 or 17. Maybe we can go for it? Playing clan tournaments is actually boring. There is only 2 teams who has a chance to win it.

yeh well its always been like that really since AE began, it's still way more enjoyable than smth like fantasy
People only sign up to fantasy/draft leagues to see how much they're worth. If they've been bought for lower than what they expected, they'd just refuse to play, or pretend they're busy. They could also hate the people they're playing with, but it's the Internet, holding grudges is silly.

IIRC the only fantasy sort of tournament that kinda worked was Belendor's tournament where each team was named after a gem or something, but even then the interest was incredibly low.

Hunger games tournament when ?

I remember the last Aeterna_Hungergames event, WQ won and got some cool gear; would love to do another one.
That would be pretty fun to be a part of, I agree. Also what SirAlecks suggested sounds like a solid idea, just a bit too grindy for the admins. Something light and fun would do until the current mercs tourney is over. Could be ranging from duel tournaments to hunger games, maybe I stand alone but taking from the fact that I am fairly new to the community a lighter essc sort of duel or even a 2v2 tournament would be fun to play. I am not sure how long the mercs tourney is going to be taking but obv if it is going to take more than 5 weeks then yeah, would problably be a good idea to host something.
Actually an NBA-styled fantasy league with salary caps, luxury taxes with diminishing returns for teams that surpass it, seasonal rotations (2-3 weeks) to allow new sign-ups to swap for inactive ones in a draft class lotery style (allowing the teams that had the worst results to make a comeback in the next season) and an admin team controlling trades (and the fantasy draft as it is) so that teams only have 1 to 3 "stars" depending on what preferences a team captain may have (preferring to go for overall better roster or stacking 2 superstars) might be a good idea to try out now that the playerbase is going to be considerably lower.

EDIT: I'd still leave winter holidays for signups and start by the 2nd week of January regardless of what type of tournament is chosen
Thanks for volunteering

Fantasy Leagues are the most hyped tourney until people see their ratings. Then after 1 week or 2 weeks, most teams start becoming inactive because they realize that their "amazing picks" were actually trash picks.

Fantasy leagues are basically just WBMM, except you have the same team for x number of weeks. Added to that, you never know if the guy u draft for 5 million is gonna carry, be a nonfactor, or just leave the tourney so with current population id avoid it.
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