Tournament vote?

What should be the next warband Native tournament that you want to play in?

  • WNL (6 vs 6)

    Votes: 47 37.3%
  • WNL (8 vs 8)

    Votes: 29 23.0%
  • Native Fantasy League (6 vs 6)

    Votes: 8 6.3%
  • NFL ^ (8 vs 8)

    Votes: 8 6.3%
  • Nations Cup (May struggle)

    Votes: 26 20.6%
  • Warband Winter Cup

    Votes: 5 4.0%
  • Warband 5-aside League

    Votes: 2 1.6%
  • Scramble League

    Votes: 1 0.8%
  • WPL

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters

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I thought I would just test my luck really and seeing how many teams that was in the recent tournament of the ECS was decent for an old game which has been revived. I was thinking of what tournament could be next, would it be another WNL? Another NFL? Or even a 6 vs 6 or another 8 vs 8 tournament. I just thought, and no one has to vote at all its completely your own choice. I thought to make this poll to try and have as a community decision on what the next tournament could be for whoever it will be that makes it. I've added as much as I could think of whilst being drained with little sleep, if you have any others please let me know so I can add :smile:
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WNL (6 vs 6)

6V6 should be the standard for every main tournament tbh. 8v8 is too much, it's impossible to enjoy watching good matches without pausing like crazy as the action is everywhere, then there's the meme of the playerbase being scarce. 6v6 is also fun to play.
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We had two 8v8 tourneys in a row, would be nice to have a 6v6. Just make sure it's not NC cos it will very likely kill the game.
Would agree on the NC part, due to the community size now there would be a lot of players missing out on being able to play which could kill it as you said. A majority vote (looking a 6 vs 6 WNL) would be nice as it would be a change of competition and could have more teams involved
Also, forgot to mention. This is just like a community decision for us all before anyone starts to go off at me about the mercs tournament going on, just trying to see what the community wants for the Native scene so don’t bully me ty xox
Im pretty sure half the scene hates 6v6, but I would be down to try new stuff. I am not sure 6v6 would bring more teams tho, especially for higher divisions. Roster limit will probably be 10 and therefore all the teams will remain the same (almost) with rotation in roster. I am also pretty sure we can exclude NC as most of the scene would be excluded. What would the winter cup look like also?
I don't like 6v6 from a viewer perspective, it's extremly boring to watch and incredibly hard to hype but everyone left in the scene know we are basically functioning on live-support atm. We still got enough players to play tournaments but the number of people willing to work their asses off in order to make the community/scene look good (streamers, admins, referees, contents maker) is dwidling as years go. It's still a miracle we got people like Yami, bullez or Aeronwen (and other) which appear to have kept their motivation intact and continue to provide the competitive scene we quality stuff but these tournaments are no longer about being used as a springboard for Bannerlord, just about playing with what we got left.

Knowing that, I would like to see 6v6 being given a shot, for that and all the other reasons mentioned above. I don't like it, but at the same time I don't see a reason why it should not be considered. It's all about finding a willing host/admin team to carry it on properly, just like the last two 8v8 tournaments were.

Also worth considering since its the second highest vote thus far: I had the wish to host a small invitational nation-based event a couple of months back with the remaining 'active' player bases. (Poland, Turkey, France, Germany, UK, Spain, CIS...). Something short that could be played in 4/5 weeks. If nobody steps forward to host it until then, I might consider it for around end of February or beginning of March, but not before. Anyone interested to help me host it, PM me.
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Read again we got one or two more votes now ?

Yeah that was in response to whoever was having a melt down over NC being in the lead after 19 votes. More people have voted in the poll and the NC is no longer the most favoured format, gee who would have thought.
Dont care if its called wnl (which i doubt would happen again anyway) wintercup or whatever just let it be 6v6 and not ecs format
If people dont want an NC which is understandable could also have a nation 5aside or something
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