BEAST - Bannerlord Early Access Skirmish Tournament

BEAST is the first Bannerlord Skirmish tournament in Europe.

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Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

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Well I am pleased to have spent a week considering all the alternatives, the pros and cons of each possible solution, and consulting widely whilst also having to deal with unreasonable demands, veiled & not so veiled insults, and a stream of lies & half-truths.

Lucky I didnt have a tournament to prepare!

I am though genuinely disappointed that we wont have the opportunity to see this 'super team' in action and maybe after a season or 2, playing in contention for the top spot.
I especially want to thank RM who actively tried to support us even though we have members they dont like and even though we might be a danger to them.
Never would I thought that RM has the most competitive mindset of this league. Seems like they strive for challenges more than anything else. Thanks Koso.
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