Tournament prizes are the same items over and over

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Does anyone else notice that Tournaments from each culture only have like 3 prizes each? A helm, a weapon, and a mount. And it's always the exact same helm, weapon, and mount.

Shouldn't the rewards have a little bit more variety? As it stands, before reaching level 5, I was getting duplicate tournament prizes. Always a helm, a weapon (1h or 2h), or a mount. It doesn't seem like this would be a hard change to implement, just adding more items to the prize pool the game selects from when it generates a tournament. Wasn't sure if it had been pointed out specifically yet, so wanted to make a thread to maybe get some dev eyeballs on it.


well, good for you that you found other prives than helmet. I saw only helmets + once i won an armor. crappy armor but still, it wasnt helmet.
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