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Looking at what's going into this tournament thing, I've decided to make it a mini mod.

It will have 4 events:
Melee (1 on 1)
Javelin (on horse back)

Archery is 4 rounds consisting of 3 arrows each.  The Target is set at a varying distance and angle.  The closer to the center you hit, the more the arrow is worth.
Got the target set up and the basic scoring in the round.  Seems to be pretty good on  hit detection at the ranges I want.  Need to work the AI scoring mechanics.  Got a nice zoom camera effect for after you shoot your arrow.  It zooms on the target so you can see how your shot landed.

Melee: (Not Started Yet)
1 on 1 fight with dulled weapons and full armor.  Will either go with a point system (each time someone is hit a point is scored against him) or the knock out system, or a combination.

Javelin: (Not Started Yet)
Charge at the target on horseback.  Throw a spear between the marked area and hit the target for points.  Will be hard, but that's how it goes.

Jousting consists of 3 passes in which you try to unhorse your opponent.  You have to time your thrust right to get the best hit, and you only get 1 thrust.  Too early and you may be off balance on a counter hit.  Attempt to swing to late, and you may be stunned and unable to strike back.  1 point is scored for a hit, a max score of 4 points is scored if you unhorse your opponent at any time.

At this time I have the scoring system and machanics of the joust working (though I'm still peeved that I can't get the proper animations to work), Need to finish the tier system.


Well, looking for a bit of feed back on the ideas.  Some of it is based off of general concepts, movies, and the midevil times dinner show.  The reason this will be a mini mod is that I have coded some of the items based on my own mod, as well as the scenes and scene props that I have created.  Since I am building it up through a base Menu it will be the start point of the mod.  When I release it, I will release it as module pieces, the brf, textures, and the scene file.  Unless someone has a better idea.


Quick update. 

Added a zoom cam for after you shoot your arrow.  It zooms on the target to show you where it landed for about 5 seconds, then it goes back to the players view.  Thanks MartinF and a few others.  I didn't ask for help, but their posts were very helpful in understanding how to lock the camera.  Will be adding something similar to the joust after the jousters pass.


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sounds nice :grin:
will you release the source? i want to add this to my mod :mrgreen:


Darwin said:
sounds nice :grin:
will you release the source? i want to add this to my mod :mrgreen:

Yup.  I guess I shouldn't really say mini mod.  hmm...  What I may have to do is set the items (since I use heraldic armor and helmets) to be more native defaults, cause there would be a lot of excess code (more chances for an error when importing) that really has nothing to do with the mod/kit.

I'll release the props needed, the sco (scene) file, and all related scripts, menus and mission templates.  The only reason I won't release the joust stuff now, is that damn animation mess up.  But if I finish everything else first, I can leave the animations as I have them now (not the best, but they work).


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Hey, I was just wondering if this is still in development? This would be ridiculously great to go in my mod. I've been thinking about writing jousting code, but it's really tertiary to my goals, so it would be great if it already existed!
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