Tournament and bandit liars

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So I think that right now bandit liars are not worth it, sometimes its feels like your getting the same loot from fighting those bandits regularly, which imo is very immersive and not worth. Also I find it weird that its a huge bandit liar and sometimes there is only like 6 bandits in. Introducing a tier system to these lairs with their own scenes and loot I think would be very cool and very immersive. It would be easier to balance I think and reward the player more accurately for their effort. (Killing liar with 5 bandits and killing one with 30 give same relation).

For the tournaments, I think its absolutely ridiculous that you are an absolute nobody and can participate in these tournaments which grant (sometimes) amazing rewards. Perhaps make it so there are 2 tiers of tournaments for the nobility/champions and for the lower class, gladiators I suppose. Also where is the skill gain in tournaments and practice arena???? Really un-immersive, I mean if I spend 5 hours in arena, for tourneys and stuff, winning tourneys, I expect my proficiency's to be higher than absolute dog****.

Perhaps for the tournaments, it could be a quest say, win the practice fights in all the cities(or x cities) in a faction or something.Or have x amount of renown. This would make this path of progression feel more a part of real world and not just throw you into late game items and rewards.
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