TotSK++GNW: Added Diplomacy 4.3 and PBOD: Great Northern War(band) v0.1.2

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TotSK goes north!
Well I did what I thought I wouldn't: updated and added content. Most of the north-eastern part of the map was lacking in detail and "flesh". So in the latest release the Baltic and the nations surrounding it have gotten some TLC. There are new settlements! Some I have simply moved and/or renamed but I have also added quite a few new Towns/Castles and Villages. Large parts of what is Sweden, HRE, Poland-Lithuania-Saxony, Bavaria, Prussia and Denmark have been fleshed out (though it certainly isn't finished or correct in some places).

I was missing the functionality of PBOD and Diplomacy so I merged them into the released TotSK source code. I have not properly tested it but it has run stable for me. A link to this version without GNW can be found below.

I'll leave a link to the github repo and a download of the compiled txt-files, kind of like a unofficial patch. For PBOD to function correctly you need WSE, a version that seems to work with steam is included in the patch, to use the mod correctly you must use the WSEloader.exe to start the game. I also suggest you install the unofficial patch He Rises Again. To get all features of totsk++GNW you need to install He Rises Again before GNW. GNW contains all the fixes to troops that were added in He Rises Again

So to use the patch:
- Download and install the full TotSK mod
- Optional: Download and install He Rises Again
- Download totsk++GNW and extract the files to your warband directory/mods/TOTSK
- Edit wse_settings.ini
- Run WSELoader.exe

Source code:
totsk++GNW v0.1.2

- Fixed naked french coropral
- Fixed missing upgrade path for a french regiment
- Added upgrade paths to all other regiments in the mod (only french ones existed)
- Added progressing stats when upgrading regiment troops (only french ones existed)
- Standardized stat progression for regiment troops, regiments can either be "regular" or "elite". Generally speaking guard/grenadier type regiments are "elite", and each faction have about 2-3 elite line regiments and 2-3 elite horse regiments. Elite troops stats are roughly 1.3 times that of regular. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL DISTRIBUTION OF ELITE REGIMENTS OR THEIR STATS.
-Fixed bugged merchants in some towns
-Added Diplomacy 4.3
-Added PBOD
-Added sea lanes in the baltic
-Added/moved settlements in norther and eastern europe

- The PBOD feature "real deployment" soft locks the game when you press f to finish deployment. Solution: turn of the feature under PBOD menu under camp.
- Lots of bugged quests (present in vanilla totsk)
- Missing Tavern keepers

If you know warband scripting I am in dire need of help to fix the bugged quests, and if you don't and still want to contribute: don't hesitate to contact me, all help is appreciated :smile:
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This looks... amazing. I am quite positively tingling with excitement after seeing this post. I have quite a bit of literature regarding the GNW - it's been one of my hobbies for the past year to research. I will without a doubt install this submod. There's no real good video-game to scratch the GNW itch - there's tons and tons of literature, but film and games are scarce. I don't know too much about Warband scripting, but if you feel like bouncing some ideas off of each other (in case you're still working on this), shoot me a PM.

I would say my biggest issue with TOTSK as of now is;
- The sliding musketeers. They look ridiculous.
- The bugged musket fire sound. The new mod "Between Empires" has quite a nice flintlock sound - perhaps something could be borrowed from there?
- The OP artillery. Seriously, stuff is far too dangerous for 18th century at such ranges.
- The locked artillery. There's been some innovation and there's now moving artillery - this would do wonders for the mod. Again, see BE for this.
- The odd hair for musketeers. I don't get why they need to have that fake hair.. just give 'em regular hats.
- The poor battle AI. Most newer musket mods have decent AI. I swear I'm not associated with BE, but their battle AI does so many things right. Actually, the whole "U" menu of their mod is pure genius and I am beyond infatuated with it - if only I could rip that out off BE and into TOTSK.. I'd be a happy man.
- Bugged sieges. The water is just.. ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.
- The inability to only have one regiment. I want my Caroleans to be of several colours - I don't want them all to be one regiment. I also want my redcoats to be supported by proper, heavy English cavalry - not some militia cavalry. At least give us the option to have.. well, something like 5 regiments.
- Last, and certainly far from least, the stupidly OP cavalry. This ruins the campaign for me. Massed cavalry is just.. broken. I could live with OP cavalry, but the fact that the AI walks around with armies compromised of only cavalry is a real pain.. this is really what puts me off most about TOTSK, honestly. I can't fight half the AI armies without cheating or massing cavalry (well, same thing really).

Anyways. If you haven't died or ran out of interest for this submod, do shoot me a PM or hit me up on Discord. Feel free to add me at frotzy#7594, just to chat. I'm off to reinstall TOTSK.. :wink:

I'm actually fuming at myself for not thinking of that Great Northern War(band) pun before you.
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