Total Annihilation 2: 3vs3 Infantry Tournament

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So we waiting on:

Castellans vs Musketen (they asked me for extra day so fine)
Swolemolemen vs Unholy warriors (what do not heard from either party yet so get on with it or message me?)
whendowestart vs Kamikatzeplayers (not heard from this either so message me or do it)  :oops:
Sons of baggo vs crustbucketmen (were currently in communication hopefully do it tomorrow)
tfw intelligent vs cracklin oat bran warriors (not heard from any of you so message me or fight eachother)


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Rake said:
Yeah, I didn't know it was being recorded, but I don't take back anything I said, ur all gay.
dude mby he was gonna upload muted or with music playing  :lol: shame cuz we were super nice to u on ts


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sounds like every ts :grin: we deserved some trash to be fair i was awful first set ^^ (what i get for not playing much and no warmup and being bad in general :grin: ) Heard worse playing for RaTs

in my defence i had been drinking rum for a few hours due to toothache :grin: turtle power came into effect at the end


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We won 20-7 something(don't remember score) against Kamikaze players. I can give one of the screens tomorrow