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Top Teams of All Time

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Making an 'All Time List' for teams doesn't make much sense, for the reasons people mentioned on this thread.

I had rather have you separating them between eras, like you did for the duel lists. Sure, it's a lot of work, but only that way you can actually achieve a team list which is both relevant and coherent.

You wouldn't compare McEnroe and Federer even if they played each other in a few occasions, pretty much because they both belong to different eras of the professional tennis. With that being said, you can make an argument for one of them having played in a more challenging period and with proper reasoning and facts, pretty sure lots of people could get behind it.


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Lame Canadian basketball team with no Canadian players that only won cus two of three best players on the Warriors got injured and then the Canadians cheered.  :party: :shifty: :fruity:

I hate basketball but I had to offend Aporta and Thunderbeu when given the opportunity.


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finally, forum is a little bit more alive after the lists arrived. i hope it grows huge hate in everyones stomach haha

hate = ambition = rivalry = tournaments

even tho most lists are bs  :fruity:


CarpeDiem said:
Habrak said:
? Rey said:
Jurgen said:
Nice :cool:

I eat your skull for breakfast  :grin:

somebody call 911?



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I definitely considered adding 22nd and still might, as they actually have some medals in major tournaments and were around for a couple of years, but most of the other notable very old teams either don't have any medals or only played 1 or 2 tournaments.

Maybe because we dominated :razz:, just kidding. We were active in the competitive scene from like 2009-2012 (serious) max, if i'm not mistaken. For Bannerlord, we'll be back.
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