Top 3 Siege exploits(cheeze tactics)

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To take any castle\city with any garrison you need just two things:
1) Big enough army to prevent sally out. 1 to 3 is emough. With my 250 men army i was able to take castles with 900 garrison.
2) time to build atleast one siege engine.

1. Nunber one. Fire onager exploit.

That things are just OP
Just look at the casualties rate.
But you need to do some stuff first. You need to force enemy to create a blob

1. Move all your toops to the one side of the castle and command them to hold position .They need instantly set a siege laddres in that side. It forces enemies to blob near that spot. It always will be the exact same spot on the wall
2. With a little bit of practice find a "sweet spot".
3. Shoot and enjoy. Your "trowing" skill will grow like a mad.

But why is it an exploit?
Becouse if:
a) You have no ammo left
b) Onager was destroyed
You can just retreat, atack and do it again in the same moment. Then again,and again.

(You can make 3 of 4 fire onagers. Some times AI can land a very very fat hits.)

2. Raining men exploit

Very easy to do. Just command your troops to move right under the walls, where siege ladders are placed. Enemies will jump to you, take damage from falling and die.

3. Gate shield wall exploit.
In shield wall formation AI is dont care about you. They will turn around to block. But if you have good reach on your weapon, you can exploit this formation.
Exploit is - that you can kill up to 200+ men just for free and without any threat to you. Just be careful, becouse enemy reinforcment can spawn on your head.

May be that AI behaviour caused by veteran battle difficulty (i didnt notice that there was "challenging" one) and i dont want to restart the game for test.

4 Small "Siege mimigame trick"

If you want to destroy walls or kill some of defenders, you can do it very easy in siege minigame.
Just follow that advices

1) Build trebuchets. they are useless in the battle, but the best in that minigame.
2) Build one - move it to reserve. Build 4 of them and 1 catapult.
3) Place all 4 of them in the same time.
4) Move any badly damaged ones to reserve(it will cause men losses after destroying) and replace it with fresh catapult.

So you can destroy all siege defend,walls and kill some guys with 0 casualties from your side.
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