[Tool] TpacTool - An unofficial asset explorer [0.2.0]

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I've only used TpacTool with AssetPackages. I'd be surprised if it worked with EMAssetPackages as these weren't available for szszss to reverse engineer when she built TpacTool.
Are you sure you have .Net Framework 4.6.2. on your pc? TpacTool depends upon it.
Ok, thanks @NPC99. I appreciate all the help you give to our community on this forum. The EMAssetPackages is where it seems that most of the assets for the mod tools scene editor exist. I was trying to see if I could use the tool to get the base assets and then modify them in blender. Ultimately we might have to wait a while before playing with the scene editor assets... I checked and I do have the appropriate .Net Framework installed.


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@szszss made further commits to her master 5 days ago to tweak skeletal bone orientations on export without updating her downloadable executable. Here's a built version http://www.mediafire.com/file/adie4adhuboa2j9/TpacTool_0_2_0update.zip/file
Unfortunately, although the horse skeleton now exports intact, I still can't reimport (into Bannerlord) a rigged horse or harness that animates correctly. If anyone succeeds, I'd be fascinated to know how.


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If Taleworlds is angry, there may not be a good MOD editor This will kill all mods. Or Taleworlds will be more likely to add more restrictions. Please stop the import function first. . Taleworlds needs more time to perfect its game.
IMO the perfection of this game is the modability. That's why the community has been so hype about the mod tools and there's already a lot of nice mods in such a short period of time. If they had just made base game & mod tools, with no campaign and left it all up to the modders, I still would have paid full price for the game... maybe that's just me.

Releasing tools like this will only attract people to this game... if I was in charge I would think this can only be good for business.

People want content. Then they want more content.

Most of the people on here modding will be playing this game for years to come. Everything they do(for free) will only enhance sales for TaleWorlds. So they're paying full price for a beta game, helping you debug the game(for free), and adding tons of content(for free).

If you look at it from a business stand point the system is setup for the developers to win, win, win. Allowing a tool like this let's the consumer win a little, think more highly of the company, and create lots of content for you(for free).

I can't understand why consoles don't realize this concept and start making games easily modable.
Humans like to customize their stuff. Clothes, cars, houses, phones, glasses, you name it we like to customize.

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I have a question.
Is it possible to open and export textures in the new version of TpacTools?

I've tested the previous one and it seemed that while some of the textures were accessible the majority were still unavailable (all of the armour textures for example).