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During a minor skirmish with some outlaws, my horse got stuck against a Mercenary Lancer. He was using his bastard sword 2-handed and he was on his horse. He did a downwards swing, just sitting there atop his horse, that hit my leg and knocked me out for 68 damage. Notice, my leg armor totals to 55 & my body armor totals to 63. His bastard sword only does 35 cutting damage. I took at look at his stats & compared them to mine and I don't see how that could have happened. Of course, I'm not savvy with how the mechanics work, but looking at how much damage I do compared to his when in a similar situation & seeing that my stats are better, I do less damage to less armored foes. Even in a full gallop with the Courser (50 speed), I'm only able to pull off 15-25 more damage on the heavily armored units while striking them in the head using similar cutting damage to his bastard sword.

I'm only 5-6 hours into this mod and 4 of which was spent leveling my character up, so maybe high tier units are supposed to do insane amounts of damage. His stats, weapons and armor are slightly inferior to my own, yet he does an enormous amount of damage for a mediocre cutting weapon hitting my leg while I do the same with a better cutting weapon (Axe-50c) striking opponents in the head. Am I missing something here?
power strike, weapon proeficiency (might have messed that spelling) and  Head Armor and Leg Armor (see the difference).

here armor doesn`t count that much, which makes the game more fun since it makes you think before going into enmy lines alone.

wait till you fight Desert Assasins ( they can 1 shot ellite armored knights)

can`t say for sure how the dmg works, but i preffere this over native.

since in native once you got plate armor nothing , except crossbows or huge amount of arrows, will kill you.
Speed modifier is more important for mounted units, fast enought moving cav unit can deal twice more (or even more with the turbo mounts like wywerns, drakes, black stallions and elvarie spirit horses) dmg with his sword\axe.
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