Too many variations on mesh 0


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I added a mesh to the game (to the resource folder), added it in the module file (load_mod_resource....) and changed the mesh name in item_kinds, for the weapon it meant. I have no idea why this is happening, I’ve double checked everything and still nothing. And I’ve also changed a savegame file with the savegame editor (import-export) but have never experienced any issues with it whatsoever.


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looks like a syntax error on your item_kinds.txt

you can visit the Forge to learn and get help on modding. Remember to include the details of what you did (not just talk about it), like showing your item_kinds before and after (the lines you changed), screenshots when possible, the entire error messages from compiler and/or game, and so on.


in general this sub-forum is dedicated for vanilla game only, but of course the above is just a suggestion and you can also wait for a official answer from the devs