Toggle parties ability to join AI army/ allow you to call your clan parties from AI armies without disbanding whole thing.

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It feels like every time a war breaks out the AI has either already called a giant peacetime army for no real reason, or they call armies so fast you're left with scraps/nothing. It's not such a big deal when they're calling other clans to their armies, but it's particularly irksome when your parties- which are a big investment- are stuck in these giant armies. In peacetime they barely generate any gold as they're caught in slow marches any looters/bandits can escape. And in war time they generate less than they could again, because they're stuck in slow marches/take place in poorly executed sieges. These AI armies also typically start far back in home territory, so as you start to take more and more of the map it takes them forever to get to the front. Again, that's fine for the other clan lords (albeit annoying) but you should have access to your own parties if you want it when you want it.

I suggest either a toggle that allows you to turn on/off your parties ability to join with an army outside your own; or having the ability to pull just your parties from an army without disbanding the whole thing (it's fine if this still causes a loss in relationship). It's Bannerlord, let me call my banners!

Thank you.

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