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Today I learned that you can actually sell cattle to a mayor

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I was leading around a herd of 90~ cattle I got from looting villages. This is the first time I decided to play as a raider and I had no idea what to* do with them. I figured I could just slaughter them for beef and then sell it but that would take FOREVER to do. So I google'd to see if maybe, just maybe, VC developers made it so that you can sell cattle.

Lo and behold, they DID make that option. Gods, it was so satisfying to see 15000 gold pop up* on my screen after I sold the cattle to the mayor.

Anyway, I made this thread for the sake of informing others who might not know about it since you could never sell cattle in Warband.
Also, I have read that you can store your cattle herd* in farmsteads and the herd would grow in size over time. Is that true?
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