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I think enough people said "No NFTs" in any relation to the game, and made it clear.
The reasons are their own. The consensus, is "just, NO."

So let's discontinue this unpleasant discussion, please.


To the all people attacking me, your all closed minded. It’s a way to make sure a creator gets to create and for their work whether it be a scene or a custom asset to be appreciated by the developer. It would literally make the campaign so much more immersive. I would be highly against putting the charge onto players BUT WHY WOULD THEY they would be saving money on labour and time costs… I don’t understand what’s so hard about it. Everyone wins, developers save money and time, players get a highly immersive game where possibly every town they visit is some place made by some creator, and creators maybe able to earn something for the extremely long hours they put into their mods/scenes/assets and so forth.

Having crowd sourced creators getting appreciation from developers via any type monetary gain is not a bad thing. It’s not coming out of your pocket or shouldn’t come out of any players pocket other than buying the game itself. Can’t you imagine the campaign map just filled with creator cities and towns, how amazing it would be. Creators spend 100s of hours producing their mods, if they can get some money for it than they can produce even better work or maybe make their dream of doing it full time come true.

You’re all closed minded, think outside the box. The money is NOT coming from the player side…

NFT is just a barcode for a creators product. The player wouldn’t need to pay for anything. It’s meant for the developer in this case, to provide the most value to its customers via immersive game created by talented modders. There is Literally nothing to lose as a player

This reminds me of Skyrim Special Edition; when they removed free mods from the workshop on Steam and sold s****y buggy mods instead. Who is going to do quality control? Why would they pay you when they could simply sub-contract that part of their game out instead? We can just download mods instead?

The main reason why people are so passionately opposed to this idea, is because corporate will find a way to use/twist it to their advantage - not to the customers. Its happened a million times before. E.g Micro-transactions, and purchasing skins (that were originally found in F2P but not found in P2P). You say people are closed minded, I say you are naive.

Why don't you mod the game, and ask for a donation instead - or I suppose you could jump on the Bethesda bandwagon and sell your mods. But I would prefer not to see that s**t here - I mean grinding for skins in MP is bad enough (and Taleworlds potentially monetizing them down the line - which they probably will).


Bethesda already partially ruined the modding community buy turning it into a business. Modding is best done when it has a passion for it and not money, next we'll have to pay for dlcs inside mods or some other bs, f that noise.


OP is just trying to hustle some suckers. We're all just too close minded to line his wallet but maybe Taleworlds isn't. Respect the hustle guys. Respect the hustle.
When is TW going to start paying me for my amazing contributions to the forums?

It takes many hours to craft each message. Not just to look pretty but to make it readable. I would be willing to advertise each forum post on the marketplace.

I deserve 90$ for each.
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Could someone please eli5 my dumb self what does NFTs got to do with the OP wanting to sell TW visual assets to be included in the game?

I don't understand if he wants to sell code or useless NFTs tokens? Or both?

And how is that crowd sourcing?

Apologies for my ignorance. I know NFTs are pure useless scam but i fail to understand what the OP intends to sell and how will they benefit the game ty
But the same product could be used across different engines. It’s literally why places like Amazon exist…. It’s a market place. Wtf is wrong with all you people thinking there will be micro transactions. This is literally content that would be bought from the creator and released with the FULL GAME…
Lol this is straight up wrong and you know it

I'm dumb af but i know a deceiving statement when i see one.

You can't just use the same product / asset on different engines or games. Games are built with different programming languages, on different architectures and libraries it's impossible to take your scam NFTs and magically insert the asset somewhere else.

Besides owning the nft does not mean you own the asset.
The OP deserves to be charged money for breathing the same air we all do. NFT's is 100% a scam and does nothing to help anyone. There is a reason why Ubisoft and other game Devs are trying to make money off NFT's and its because its an easy cash grab for people with single cell brains
But the same product could be used across different engines.

Only if the developers let you. This kind of multi-game DLC exists already in some games, but only in the rare case that it benefits the company.

Anyway the NFT is not the asset or whatever, it's just a hash key on a database. Modders already port different assets to different games all the damn time, for free. The legality of this is still a grey area, but if anything is going to fulfil the lolbertarian dream of decentralised economics, it's open-source stuff like that, not this surreal trend of corporations selling you $100 links to images of their own assets.


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People who can't draw anime porn trying to get people to give them money for pseudo-art like things. Please just learn to actually draw.
There's is, has been and until you do you part will continue to be a serious shortage of on-model anime porn.


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I wanted to ask the developers if they were interested in map/scene creation NFTs. I love using the TaleWorlds custom engine because It creates the vistas that I imagined.

It does take me many hours to fully set up each map to not only look pretty but to be playable.

The question is would I be able to mint one of my scene files and display it on a market place.

Banner lord online/single player especially has soo much potential to make the game So much more interactive. Like a real evolving world.
I think you need emailed them on personal thing and not discuss these things public, ppl are to afraid of these things that they don't understand, but I don't think you'll have much luck because as far I remember Turkey has banned cryptocurrency so the exchange of NFTs became a pain there. But, just go for private with TaleWorld about this, like I said it's not everyone that support the development on this area.. to be clear I'm big support of cryptocurrency (DeFis), I think they're the one that'll change the monetary system not the tokens
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