TLD (The Last Days, LOTR mod) for M&B 1.011 Scenes Preview - updated

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The Last Days Scenes Preview

We know many of you think the mod is dead, but let us assure you, it's not. We're still toiling along to bring you a decent LOTR mod.
Unfortunately we still can't tell you when it's going to be released, because we simply don't know.
But if you're well talented and wish to help speed up the process, let us know. Here is our main forum:,20.0.html

TLD (The Last Days /of the Third Age of Middle Earth/) for M&B 1.011 is otherwise progressing nicely, and since it's been a while since our last preview, here's another one. This time it's some towns and scenes we've been working on. Custom scene objects are by Llew, octoburn, Brutus, GetAssista and me, special effects by GetAssista, additional graphics by Merlkir, scenes made by me.


"The Morannon... the Black Gate. The Teeth of Mordor guarded Cirith Gorgor, the haunted pass. The entrance to the land of the Enemy."


"Minas Morgul, stronghold of the Ringwraiths"


"Osgiliath, a city of ghosts"


"The Riddermark, home to a people of herdsmen and farmers who are well-known for their horses and cavalry."


"Edhellond was in lands under the control of Gondor, but the haven was far older than that land of Men; tradition recounts its founding by Sindarin mariners"


"Sea-walls protected Dol Amroth from the waves in the windy bay, and within the city were the tall Sea-ward Tower - Tirith Aear - and the castle of the Princes of Dol Amroth, who ruled Belfalas."


"Known as the Vale of flowers, it was a fertile region lying south of the White Mountains."


"One of the oldest settlements in Rohan, Aldburg stood on a green hill in the region known as the Folde, some miles to the southeast of Edoras. During Eorl's time it was the chief township of Rohan, but after the second King Brego built the Golden Hall of Meduseld, he removed the King's seat from Aldburg to Edoras."


"These orcs, who named themselves "the fighting Uruk-hai", made up a large part of Saruman's army, were faster, stronger, and larger than normal orcs and could travel during the day without being weakened"


"Linhir is the second largest city in Lebennin and also serves as the province's port."


"Castamir's descendants and their followers, the notorious Corsairs of Umbar, quickly established themselves as a major military threat to Gondor."


"Vast and terrible, it rose like a rotten tooth out of the bowels of Mirkwood standing sentinel over the growing realm of the Dark Lord."


"The seven-tiered citadel of the Kings of Gondor, originally named Minas Anor. After the destruction of Osgiliath, Minas Tirith became the seat of power in the South-kingdom."


"The two statues of the Argonath stood on pedestals in the water on either side of the Great River. Behind the statues, high cliffs formed a narrow chasm that the river passed through before it widened to form the lake called Nen Hithoel."


"Main town in Rohan and site of the royal court. Edoras was located at the foot of the White Mountains, which formed the southern border of Rohan. There were many wooden houses on the slopes of the hill. At the summit on a green terrace was Meduseld, the great hall of the Kings of Rohan."


"Helm's Deep was a narrow ravine with high cliffs on the northern and southern sides that blocked out the sunlight. The Deeping-wall was built across the entrance to the ravine, and at the northern end of the wall was the fortress of the Hornburg.  No enemy had ever captured the Hornburg while it was defended."


"City of the Elves of Lothlorien. Caras Galadhon was a city in the trees. The Elves dwelled on a network of platforms called flets among the tree branches. The city was filled with light and music and it was home to Celeborn and Galadriel, the Lord and Lady of Lothlorien."


"Lake-town was built on the surface of the lake supported by great wooden piles in the water. It was located on the west side of the lake near the mouth of the Forest River in a calm bay that was formed by the shelter of a rock promontory. The town was connected to the land by a long bridge."

And here is a link to the old Christmas preview:,88598.msg2286948.html#msg2286948


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I nearly had a heart attack.

It's 00:53 of the night in here and I hope when I will go to sleep and wake up this thread will still be here.

And I'm sorry, but my english is not that good to find suitible words for all this... masterpiece :smile:


Highelf said:
Looks good, sad it's not for warband though. You guys could do a TON more with all the warband stuff.

sadly we wouldn't be able to do some important things too. :sad:


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"Hurr is this mod dead?"

I'm only kidding, that looks too good to be a mod, looks more like a professional full on video game. Really amazing work.

The Shadow

Wow!  Looks fantastic!  I only wish this were for Warband as well.  The scenery looks so much nicer in Warband.  Good lighting and all that.

Anyway, you guys are progressing awesomely! 
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