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Which race are you playing most?

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    Votes: 767 42.8%
  • Evil humans

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  • Orcs

    Votes: 85 4.7%
  • Uruks/uruk-hai

    Votes: 209 11.7%
  • Elves

    Votes: 401 22.4%
  • Dwarves

    Votes: 189 10.6%

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Knez said:
The only way to defeat sauron is to destroy the only thing which binds him to this world, aka his ring. You can't fight the shadow. Frodo and Sam, on the other hand have a way to destroy it, which is his own ring. Once the faction strenght for Mordor goes low, you will see 3 or 4 mordor war parties, around 300, 400 men each with numerous nazguls somewhere close to the black gate. By dealing with them, you give those two little hobbits a chance to sneak by unnoticed. Consider it to be similar to the fight of morranon, except you might face them with your party alone, unlike in the books where it was rohan and gondor war hosts, or should i say "people of the middle earth but without elves and dwarves, basically men only".
In my last "good" game, from what I recall, the Gates of Morannon were taken by assault without defeating all of the last aimlessly roving war parties, and Mordor was defeated immediately, since they had no fortresses left (not counting the Dark Tower itself), the first faction to be defeated, much to my surprise.  The roving war party of Isengard lasted a surprisingly long time, and Moria, the last surviving enemy faction aside from it, was just about to fall before Isengard suddenly vanished, presumably due to an Ent attack, but there was no in-game notification of that event.


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Yeah, there is also a way to defeat Mordor by besieging all of their outposts, forgot about it. And no, it makes no notification regarding ents attacking Isengard,
i mean you can find them on Entmoot
  most likely forces of the good defeated those Isengard war parties on their own, one by one. Intersting thing for me is that when playing as a Gondor, fighting against Mordor must be directed on their allies first, Harad, Umbar and Khand, but in recent patches it had become quite easy to fight them head on. In previous versions i had day 400+ game when i played as a Gondor, and mordor faction strength was still quite high, but again so was ours. Pity that i never finished that game, could be most fulfilling victory i ever had, if it would be one due to Rohan slowly but steadily losing to Isengard.


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Just had to say what an amazing job you've done with this mod ironing out bugs and improving quality of life stuff. Really the only WB mod I enjoy replaying many times. Just played with the latest nightly and I didn't experience a single crash or scrolling script errors that use to be prevalent in my early play throughs especially in battles. It was just an enjoyable experience all the way through with good conquering evil without losing a single town for any good faction. I love being able to ask the town 'mayor' where generals are for that faction.

Only one short script error I got was when I used influence to get two generals to follow me to eliminate the Isengard final army. Afterwards while roaming I got a script error about AI deciding whether to continue following me or not and invalid party id or something like that. Didn't pay much attention and I didn't need them anymore so I released them.

Very nice work once again!


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I did another Harad campaign, which is progressing quite a bit differently than the last. There was only one Gondorian lord killed in battle early in the campaign this time, rather than two, but Harad managed to take Cair Andros fairly early. That allowed me to recruit troops from an additional source, to fight battles against both Gondor and Rohan near my own faction, and gain rank points and influence with Harad instead of with Mordor. Gondor was once again the first good faction to fall, although nowhere near as quickly as in the previous run, and Rohan followed soon after. This time, with a longer campaign and more rank points, I was able to recruit the Harad companion before the fall of the Galadrim or Imladris, rather than not until well into the final one-sided war between Mordor and Isengard. Dale and Erebor managed to take out Rhun, and Moria was barely hanging on by a thread for a while, until the combined evil forces destroyed the Beornings and burned the one Wood Elf village toward the middle of the map. Harad has just captured Dale intact, and Erebor and the Wood Elves are still reasonably strong and putting up a good fight, but the war is now pretty much confined to in and around Mirkwood.

Thanks to the capture of Pelagiad, Cair Andros, and now Dale, Harad is currently slightly stronger than Mordor. Between the original and advanced camps, plus the three captured cities, recruitment is not a problem, although it's been a real struggle to keep my significantly larger army fed in this campaign. The outcome is pretty much inevitable at this point, but it's been a much longer and better contested campaign, whereas the previous one kind-of fell apart for Gondor after the deaths of two lords only a couple of months into the war. Random events are still a huge factor, which is a good thing for replayability, but can essentially determine the outcome of a campaign. The game balance is a lot closer in the current version between good and evil, with good only having a marginal advantage, which is sufficient for a new player of the mod.

Next campaign: Umbar.


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Oh, boy. Blast from the past. Ensure that you are downloading the correct version of TLD for your game.
For shaders to work on Mount&Blade 1.011 you need to copy the dinput8.dll file from Modules/TLD into the main game folder.

In any case it sounds like you are running a very old version of the mod. You can always get the latest version from here:
If you use Steam and own Warband we generally recommend subscribing to the Steam Workshop version and call it a day.
It auto-updates and everything. All the links and instructions are in that page. Hope that helps. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯