TLD (The Last Days, LOTR mod) for M&B 1.011 Info

Which race are you playing most?

  • Good humans

    Votes: 775 42.9%
  • Evil humans

    Votes: 140 7.8%
  • Orcs

    Votes: 85 4.7%
  • Uruks/uruk-hai

    Votes: 209 11.6%
  • Elves

    Votes: 407 22.5%
  • Dwarves

    Votes: 190 10.5%

  • Total voters

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Untitled. said:
Well, that most likely means you didn't install correctly. There's a link to an installation guide in the opening post.

I'm getting corrupt downloads only. I've tried both mirrors four or five times. Does this happen to anyone else?

corrupt downloads of the mod, or the guide?
Both work fine for me.
The manual is also included in the mod.


Try using a download manager, like jDownloader, or any other that has crc check and the ability to resume downloads.


I've been wrestling with this game's instalation for 3 days now and you can say without a doubt that i am pissed . Every time i start the game i get this error : get_object failed for : bo_pw_bushes02_a , which turns out to be a fatal error ..... Can some one tell me what to do , i really like the idea for such a game , but the instalation seems to be out there to kill me ! :???:
Why can't I recruit the dwarf companion (Kili?) from Erebor? I reached the rank he wants but he says "my father wouldn't approve" or something like that. Do I need points in persuasion? resources? Playing as an elf if that matters.  (If there is a secret requirement or something, where can I check these thing? is there a list somewhere?)

I was exploring Moria, through a secret passage or something, and found a big area with lots of goblins. Was there anything special? After killing the goblins, I explored some more but didn't find anything else.

Thanks in advance! This mod is excellent!


I heard of a book in Moria but I am not sure as I did not find way to get secret passage to Moria.
Anyone knows how  I can get it?


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I won't believe it until I see an official announcement with bold letters and all. And if I do, then I'll cry till I fall asleep. :cry:
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