TLD (The Last Days, LOTR mod) for M&B 1.011 Info

Which race are you playing most?

  • Good humans

    Votes: 776 42.9%
  • Evil humans

    Votes: 140 7.7%
  • Orcs

    Votes: 85 4.7%
  • Uruks/uruk-hai

    Votes: 209 11.6%
  • Elves

    Votes: 409 22.6%
  • Dwarves

    Votes: 190 10.5%

  • Total voters

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The Last Days Of The Third Age Of Middle Earth Mod 3.1, for Mount&Blade 1.011 (not for Warband)



TLD 3.1 for M&B 1.011 (not for Warband) can be downloaded here:

MBrepository: - manual install (you need to un7zip the folder)
Rapidshare: - manual install (you need to un7zip the folder)

PATCH FROM 3.0 (first release, or 3.01 first patch) TO 3.1:
MBrepository: - manual install (you need to un7zip the folder)
Rapidshare: - manual install (you need to un7zip the folder)

Hotfix 3.13 (squashes a few 3.1 bugs):

You may also want to try some submods for TLD:
1) Mod introducing smoother and nicer battle animations,201177.0.html
2) Mod introducing female versions of many armors,2489.0.html

NOTE! Before you explode with joy, and start soiling the topic with telling us about your ejaculations and such, we must add a sobering warning:
The release IS NOT bug free, in fact we already know some, and expect MANY more unexpected bugs, appearance of broken stuff, crashes, etc to start pouring in reports by you, the players. Hence the bug reports will be welcomed on our MBX forum. The next couple of months will then be used for making ready and available patches and additional features to the mod, ones that we simply did not have time to add in now. That will also mean that any game progress you will make will be lost when any patch comes, as it will most likely NOT BE save game compatible. After a patch ALWAYS start a new game or you will report non-existent bugs carried over in the save game.

The Official TLD Forum:
Our main forum is on MBX:,20.0.html
It also features a bug reporting topic for the expected bugs.
Make an account there if you have any questions or comments for us:,2464.0.html

TLD on MOD DB is here, with screenies and info:
You can follow us on NEXUS too now:

Our old previous previews are here:
Scenes Preview,135464.0.html
Gondor troops preview
Evil men troops preview

Mod Team:

Core members in bold, substantial contributors in italic.

Ancientwanker - father and leader of the mod, did coding, writing, even some graphics stuff until he disappeared without a trace two years ago.
Abhuva - some scenes
Amman - NPC dialogue
Balduran - some voices
Brutus - 3D modeler and texturer (Easterlings, trolls, wargs..), idea person, great guy. Hasn't been active since most of the 3D was done.
Buzvonlurt - voice acting
Conners - some textwriting
DaBlade - a sound expert, texturer, lore advisor, gameplay designer, general help. Did tons of stuff during the slow times. Taking a break.
Dain Ironfoot - 3D guy, iirc did some really nice interiors and buildings for us.
dunde - scripts.txt encoding idea
Faradon - 3D modeler and texturer, did much absolutely lovely stuff, really understands my concept art. No longer with us due to lack of time.
foxyman - coder, author of the famous formation script. Translator into Chinese. Initial setupper of SVN that made coordinating our work a lot easier.
freakin wat - awesome voice acting
GetAssista - GA, coding, fixing, bugremoving, map work, features design and implementation, lods, optimizing, optimizing, optimizing and optimizing. And tons of other ****. If it's in, he put it there.
Giles - 3D guy, wonderful models and textures - mostly Haradrim. No longer with us due to lack of time and motivation.
Gutekfiutek - we're using a modified version of his Polished landscapes flora.
HokieBT - starting menus and races code
Kolba - coder, started doing quests, no longer active due to lack of time.
Llew - 3D models, architecture (responsible for most of Gondor, Rohan) and lore stuff, very nice guy. Not active atm.
MadVader - coder, author of much of the war system, NPCs and companions, he also writes dialogue and puts brakes on our overly ambitious plans.
mandible - 3D tunnels props
Merlkir - concept artist, main 2D artists, texturer, very rarely a 3D modeler, custom animations, lore sage and overall a proper wanker. Did some voice acting too.
mtarini - coding wizard, voodoo master, mage, author of OpenBRF (made expressly for this mod!), all the shader magic is only possible thanks to him. Also the custom races. Attacking wargs, oliphants, orcs, uruks, trolls, windy flora and waving banners...all work properly because of him. Also: lotsa coding, map art (including map writings), animations, and a bit of rigging and modelling (like most animated map icons)...
Octoburn - 3D guy, did tons and tons of models, architecture bits, remappings & optimisations, a very nice guy who's been with us since the beginning.
Pagan - composer, voice actor, kinda Australian. Kicks ass. A whole new sountrack in the making.
Petrovski - voice acting
Romainoir - a young 3D artist, improved a lot since he's been working on TLD, much of the beautiful elven architecture is his work, many other bits and bobs, helped with scenes too.
Rongar - factionalized shops script
Taal - NPC dialogue
Treebeard - a coder from the PoP team who very generously let us use his battle AI and some other stuff.
Triglav - a 3D guy, texturer (pretty much all orcs, gondorians, rohirrim, dunlanders, corsairs and much stuff in others are his work), glorious scene maker (designed pretty much all towns, nature, epic places, etc), overall ass kicker and whip cracker. Pushed and pulled us through the worst.
Ursca - 3d guy, some of the orc stuff was done by him originally. No longer with us.
Sibylla - additional hairstyles
Stefano - orcs and dwarves 3D and skeleton brainstorming
Yoshiboy - coder and admin, occassionally popping in with advice and insights.
Some object models (heavily modified by us later) came from various free 3D resources sites. Our sincerest thanks to all those contributors.

...if we unintentionally forgot someone, our apologies. Let us know and you'll be added.
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The Last Days Tips:

You choose your faction at the start and you can't change it later. You can also choose from different races: a man, an elf, a dwarf, an uruk or an orc. Remember that both the faction and the race you choose will limit you in certain ways. Some factions provide excellent soldiers, but few of them. Some have weak troops, but you can hire many. Smaller orcs can't wear armors designed for big guys, but can ride some beasts instead. Dwarves have exceptional gear, but can't ride mounts at all.

Due to the nature of the Middle Earth setting, you can't create your own kingdom, or rebel mid-game and change sides. You choose a faction and you fight for it until your side wins the great war, or untill your faction gets wiped out. In that case you can still keep fighting for your allies.

There is no money in TLD. Instead you develop relationships with factions - represented by resources, influence and rank.
Resources are what's needed to sustain the faction in war - you can redeem looted scraps and items for it and you're also given a certain number of resources each week depending on rank.
Each faction has its own resource/influence/rank pool, remember that! They will supply you with armour, horses, soldiers for you to command and companions to follow you, but only if you bring enough resources for their pool.

Due to being true to lore, we have also disabled by default the option of crossdressing, as a Gondorian wouldn't likely ever wear looted Orc armour, and vice versa. Instead after battle, "metal scraps" are dropped, which represent salvageable equipment and can then be traded with your smiths who require resources, to get proper faction gear from them.

Influence points are awarded for finishing quests and winning tough battles. They can later be spent  on special items as a reward from the rulers of factions you got the influence with.

Rank points allow you to rise up in the ranks of your faction - this will determine your max party size, weekly resource income and unlock other stuff.

At the beginning of the game the War between good and evil hasn't started yet. You'll be notified when it does. While Middle Earth might look like a pretty empty and quiet  place at start, it gets filled with hostile parties very quickly once the War starts. Be prepared and use your few days of peace wisely!
You can perform quests for the lords and leaders of all allied factions, raise troops and train yourself in the barracks.

The war itself can be won, unlike in the original MnB. Every faction has a strength - which moves according to faction successes or failures in battles. With strength dropping low enough, it becomes possible for enemies to siege faction cities/camps. When a faction drops to the lowest status, it is possible to defeat it completely by storming its capital.

Note that player himself cannot initiate sieges in TLD. He can only help his faction and allies in siege battles if they decide that it is time to go storm the enemy settlement.

There are several theatres of war in TLD, defined by geography. When one side eliminates all the enemies in its current theatre, it will spawn an expeditionary force, which will build advance camp on the other theatre and help allies there. If the good forces are completely defeated, but Mordor and Isengard still stand strong, the two towers will battle each other over total dominance.

What's there for you to do in TLD, in a nutshell: raise your troops, develop your character, help your allied factions with battles and quests. Rise up in ranks, get special items, explore locations, talk to different people, maybe you would learn something useful

And of course, have fun!

(you can choose between an online and a pdf version even.)

In English:

In Spanish:

In Italian:,200997.0.html

In Finnish:

A bit of the manual in Turkish:
Üçüncü Çağın Son Günleri
Forumlarıza buradan bakın,20.0.html
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TLD orijinal oyunu ağırca modifiye eden bir moddur. Modules/TLD bölümüne çıkarmak istendiği gibi çalışmasını sağlamaz (hatta oyun hiç çalışmaz). Oyunu çalıştırmak için farklı bir launcher kullanmanız gerekcektir, IronLauncher.exe. Ki mod dosyalarında bulunur. Bu launcher, gerekli tüm dosyaları taşıyıp, TLD introsunu oynatıp, sonra oyunu başlatacaktır. Oyundan çıktığınız zaman ise, bütün dosyaları geri alır ki başka modüller ile oynayabilesiniz.
Düzgün çalışan bir launcher ve installer ayarlayama çalıştık, ama, bu launcher ile oyunu açmakta bir sorun yaşıyorsanız (IronLauncher.exe) aşağıdakileri okuyun;

0. Bu mod Mount&Blade Warband (şimdilik) veya Mount&Blade WFaS (hiçbir zaman) için değildir.
1. Tercihen, Mount&Blade 1.011temiz bir yükleme yapıp, sadece TLD için kullanmak üzere bırakın, yoksa ana Mount&Blade dosyalarını yükleyip, geri almak zorunda kalacaksınız, her açtığınızda.
1.1 Hatta, M&B’nin gelişmiş versiyonunu indirip yükleyin.(Bir çok düzenleme ile daha dengeli). Gelişmiş versiyonu bu linkten elde edebilirsiniz:,199418.0.html
Linki kullanın, resmi indirme sayfasını değil. Resmi indirme sayfası eski bir versiyona ait, tanrı bilir neden. mount&blade.exe dosyanız 2mb is, zaten gelişmiş versiyona sahipsiniz,
tebrikler. mount&blade.exe dosyanız 3+mb ise, eski versiyona sahipsinizdir, ve gelişmiş versiyonu indirmenizi şiddetle tavsiye ederiz. Bir çok modülde sabitlik sağlamaktadır. Temiz bir M&B yüklemesinin ardından güvenle gelişmiş versiyonu yükleyebilirsiniz.

2. Modülü Modules/TLD hedefine çıkartın. Hedefe gidin, “Data” adındaki klasöre girin. Bu klasör Ana M&B dosyalarının üstüne yazılması gereken bütün dosyaları içermektedir.
2.1 Bütün *.brf dosyalarını alın ve M&B/CommonRes/ adlı hedefe kopyalayın. Sorulduğunda üstüne yazmayı seçin.
2.2 Bütün *.txt ve *.xml dosyalarını alıp M&B/Data/ adlı hedefe kopyalayın. Sorulduğunda üstüne yazmayı seçin.
2.3 Geri kalan bütün dosyaları alıp M&B/ hedefine kopyalayın. Sorulduğunda üstüne yazmayı seçin.
2.4 Şimdi TLD’nin çalışması için gereken bütün kritik dosyalar yerinde. Bu şekilde olan bir M&B yüklemesi sadece ve sadece TLD için çalışır. Native ve diğer modlar çalışmayacaktır.
2.5 …
3. Profit! M&B’i başlatın, listeden TLD’i modülünü seçin ve keyfinize bakın.

1. General questions poll answers, after 388 votes cast:

When is TLD going to be released? Asked 200 times (51.5%)
31.10.2011 (on Halloween, because it's a monster of a mod), sometimes during the day, we suppose, when all uploading is done.
Later patches and upgrades will be announced as they near completion.

Is TLD for Warband? Asked 95 times (24.5%)
No. For Mount & Blade 1.011.
A Warband port is NOT planned.
We'll see about M&B2, if it's ever made.

Is TLD a LOTR movie mod? Asked 13 times (3.4%)
No. TLD is based off Tolkien's books.
Except in certain details, where movies didn't contradict books or where some solution was in our opinion handled better than in books.

Are there hobbits, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli in the mod? Asked 80 times (20.6%)
The Fellowship had their own agenda.
In TLD you play a random guy from any the many factions, so not very likely to run into anyone from the Fellowship.
We have however already included or plan to include some recognisable chracters as encounters or in missions, just to spice up your TLD enjoyment a bit more.

2. Installation poll answers after 363 votes cast:

How did installing & launching the mod go for you?
I followed instructions & all worked fine.    223 (61.4%)
I followed instructions but IronLauncher didn't work.    18 (5%)
I didn't read instructions and got "windy_flora" error.    36 (9.9%)
I had to manually copy all the files, then it worked.    66 (18.2%)
I can't get it to work at all.    20 (5.5%)
Congratulations! After all the effort that's gone into this, it must be fantastic to finally see it so close to completion. :smile:
Triglav said:
The release will NOT be bug free, in fact we do expect many unexpected bugs, appearance of broken stuff, crashes, etc to start pouring in reports by you, the players. Hence the bug reports will be wellcomed on our MBX forum. The next couple of months will then be used for making ready and available a patch and additional features to the mod, ones that we simply did not have time to add in now.
That's a helluva great decision 'cause hunting bugs by dev team alone means 2,5% effectiveness :grin: Looking forward to play soooooooooooooooooooooooo loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong awaited masterpiece.
If I had been drinking something when I saw this post, it would be sprayed all over my screen right now.
I remember looking at this mod all these years ago and asking myself when would i get the chance to play it.

And now its finally happening  :grin: :grin:
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