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The Knights of Glunmar
"To the last man, as for we do not yield."

Established since 2017.

Leader(s): Garland and Fraser.

We are primarily a competitive scriming and groupfight clan and have been since we were established - many of us being veterans of the game.
The competitive scene in Oceania would regularly die down in activity and when it did we would rotate over to Persistent Kingdoms.

Renown for being a band of brave and skillful Knights who originate from the rather insignificant village of Glunmar. The retinue formed from this village, named 'the Knights of Glunmar' was officially founded and commanded by Ser Garlan.

He was knighted after heroically turning the tide of battle and personally saving King Graveth from being killed. It's historically said that during the battle he yelled "To the last man, do not yield, defend your King!" before leading the counter-attack against the Swadian forces. Those words would eventually makeup the official motto with "It's almost harvesting season!" being an unofficial phrase said by many militiamen once farmers.

In the following years Glunmar would quickly obtain a fine reputation regarding the prowess of their Knights on the field of battle. In the past, they have successfully assisted the Glunmarian Militia in defeating a kingdom of kilt-toting highlanders, apprehending a rogue group of Swadian Knights and defending the villagers from marauding bandits.

Garlan has since retired from commanding his retinue to instead take up the role of Marshal to help the Rhodoks directly in the war-effort against Swadia. Ser Aaron, a battle hardened warrior and one respected by many, was personally appointed by Garlan to be the new commander. Ser Namdlo would soon follow suit by being appointed as assisting commander.

The Glunmarian Militia has since been dismissed thus significantly decreasing the amount of men fielded by the retinue on the field of battle. The Knights of Glunmar are now considered to be a shadow of it's former-self by many but those wisest would believe that to be far from the truth. Those who remain were hand-picked and trained to rival the combat prowess of even Garlan himself.

Since the Haringoth Campaign - even though it was a roaring success - left the Knights of Glunmar severely weakened as many members were lost in the intense fighting which took place. If it wasn't for their sacrifices then the Rhodok war-effort would've been gravely wounded. The Rhodoks were now on the defensive and the Knights of Glunmar began rebuilding their ranks for the upcoming campaign. They may now be few in numbers but yet their resolve to fight has never been greater.

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