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A long time ago Minor faction had 3 troop tiers - and the final one was a tier 5 top quality unit. Indeed some of these could be considered the best in class. Regrettably all of the top 'dogs' of each minor faction have been nerfed; and now minor faction trees cap at tier 4. Ergo a standard Imperial Legionary is better then a top tier Minor faction Trarii (and you tell me which one is harder to get hold of!!) I presume this was because TW don't want units 'skipping' tiers (tier 3 to tier 5) in one upgrade.

This is really unfortunate. TW have added a diverse set of unique troop types to collect; but they will always be weaker then their equivalents from the main faction trees. Given how hard it is to claim these units - they *really* should at least be upgradeable to the same quality as the primary units. So a simple proposal - add a 5th tier variant of every minor faction.
  1. It makes minor factions more powerful and more relevant in battles.
  2. It will reduce the bandit problem if they are tougher parties.
  3. It will make collecting these units appealing.
  4. TW have added a bunch of new items into the game that could be used to visually distinguish these units.
Just to offer some prospective names;

Beni-Zilal: Recruit, Soldier, Royal Guard; Royal Champion
Sprout, Sapling, Arboreal, Gaia
Golden Boar:
Boar Novice, Boar Veteran, Boar Champion, Boar Conqueror
Recruit, Expert Eleftheroi, Veteran Eleftheroi, Elite Eleftheroi
Spark, Flame, Blaze, Inferno
Forest People:
Recruit Forester, Expert Forester, Veteran Forester, Ancient Forester
Koleman, Ghilman, Ghulam, Abdu
Hidden Hand:
Hidden Pawn, Hidden Hand, Puppeteer, Shadow
Jawwal Recruit, Jawwal Camel Rider, Jawwal Bedouin, Jawwal Camel Cataphract
Karakhergit Nomad, Karakhergit Rider, Karakhergit Elder, Karakhergit Patriarch
Lake Rats:
Lake Rat Recruit, Lake Rat Veteran, Lake Rat Wrecker, Lake Rat Pillager
Hastati, Principes, Triarii, Evocati
Skolder Recruit, Skolder Warrior Brotva, Skolder Veteran Brotva, Skolder Champion Brotva
Wolfskins :
Young Wolf, Seasoned Wolf, Chosen Wolf, Dire Wolf



This is so easy to fix! Many mods will come to please different perspectives of these minor factions...
I'll make a mod myself, see my proposal: Calradia Unit Tree Remade. I can even create one version for you.

What we REALLY need from the minor factions is GAMEPLAY!

All minor factions should have a maximum of 7 units (half a major faction).

Mercenary minor factions should:
- Sell units from their roster permanently. (More expensive)
- Sell units from their roster in a temporary contract. (Less expensive)
- Being hired just to attack a specific target in a temporary contract. (Less expensive than entering in a total war)
- Reset the relationship with the factions after the end of the war or the end of temporary contract.
- Have a main territory; refuge. (Where your troops can train, for a price)
- Being able to join and the player would have access to their troops with your own realm.

Criminal minor factions should:
- Be able to negotiate a truce when the leader is captured.
- Be more aggressive and capable of attacking villages, castles and cities.
- Have a main territory; hideout. (Which is rebuilt if you attack and have not eliminated all lords).
- Being able to join and the player would have access to their troops with your own realm. (Like a rebel army)**

**And that's how I improved the Wolfskins, because I see them more as a rebellious faction of Battania, who preserve the old ways and characterize themselves as "ancient celts". A much better background:


Religious minor factions should:
- Being hired to influence your relationship with other lords through faith. (More expensive and not guaranteed)
- Being hired to influence your relationship with villages and towns through faith. (Less expensive and not guaranteed)
- Being hired to boost your army's morale. (Could require some items and it's guaranteed)
- Reward the player with some units in exchange for favors. (Assisting in their civil war directly or not)
- Have a main territory; sacred place. (Where your troops can recover, for a price)
- Being able to join and the player would have access to their troops with your own realm. (And lead their holy war)
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