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Using your shield feels unrealistic when you have 5-6 javelins stuck in it.
My suggestion would be to have the speed of shields reduced based on how many thrown weapons are stuck in the shield, (maybe even factored in the weight and encumbance of the character) eventually rendering the shield unusable.
Ancient roman troops used thrown weapons specifically for this purpose.
This would increase realism/immersion and it would be a nice buff for thrown weapons, which I feel are under utilized.

Another possible addition would be a chance for the thrown weapons to be deflected instead of getting stuck in the shield, based on angle/shield and weapon quality.

Let me know what you think.

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would love to see projectiles add encumbrance to a shield so you eventually have to drop it. Would also love a dedicated shield killer, AKA Pilum! And yeah projectiles could do with bouncing off more surfaces.. stone, metal bosses, helmets, plate.. steel shields.
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