Thrown out of Castle During Siege?

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I had a strange event when my army was besieged currently. We were 800+ in the castle, the besiegers (Sturgians) were of similar numbers (Sturgians must be idiots ...). Suddenly my army was located in front of the castle, the siege continued. To enter the castle again we had to break in, nice (losing 100 soldiers). There was a strange notice that my factions and the northern Empire were no longer enemies, don't know what that meant, had nothing to do with the fief or siege.

Was such a behavior experienced by others? Is it a bug? Could it be caused by mods (Diplomacy being my first guess). A screenshot after the expulsion:


I had this on Ps5 the other day but it actually saved me as they enemy had 800+ more troops then myself


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If it's an AI army you're in, I think they decide to leave when the siege happens. If you're at war or neutral but it's not your factions fief I think it kicks you out too. If not then it's a bug or oversight. They're probably tinkering with the AI and made it doe something to the players party too.


The army was commanded by me and it's a fief of my faction. I hesitated to call it a bug of vanilla because I use mods like Diplomacy which could be the reason for the behavior. However if the same happened on console, then it should be the fault of vanilla.

I wouldn't mind the bug if there wasn't the mechanic of troop loss when breaking in. Sadly the mod to solve this is not updated to the release version.
Yeah, this is a known bug. A peace declaration forces the player party out of the besieged settlement, regardless of who is besieging. It has been reported and brought to a Devs attention. Should be worked on.


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This is a known bug caused when peace declarations happen and should be fixed with future patches.
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