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I was looking at the throwing weapons I had on me and it made me realize something: throwing axes suck, at least on face-value. Javelins are so much better in virtually every aspect. I have a large bag of crafted tier 6 Javelins that have 125 weapon length, 126 pierce damage, 28 missile speed, 92 accuracy, in a stack of 7 (before perks). On the other hand, the best throwing axes I've been able to craft are tier 5 with 47 length, 86 cut damage, 31 missile speed, 93 accuracy, in a stack of 3 (so far, I've only been able to craft "Balanced" throwing axes, no large bags or better qualities). The javelin is a one-hit kill with a lot of enemies, the throwing axe is, well... not. I'm not arguing that they should be equal, but throwing axes should at least have comparable damage at shorter ranges, with javelins being better at longer ranges.
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