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Throne Petitions

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So just a small feature I have seen on the modding community that would add some RPG flavour to the game - is petitions. I know this has been suggested before but here is a little sequence for how I see this working in a nice easy manner;

- You receive a message while travelling telling you petitioners are waiting for your decision.
- When you want you can then return to your throne room and sit on your throne.
- When you do you get a small scene as various people come into the throne room and horns sound.
- You are presented with a few multiple choice style decisions; mostly for flavour - but give a little bonus/negative depending on your choice.
- Once the basic format is there it should be simple to write out a number of small events for land disputes, opportunities and other RPG events that just offer ways for you to interact with your settlement.

So perhaps you are given the opportunity to levy an unusual tax based on how many herd animals each family owns. You can either;

Gain denars and lose settlement loyalty as you bring in the tax.
Do nothing and gain no benefit or loss.
Provide a herd grant that costs denars but increases growth for a short time.

This would add so much immersion to ruling; and make the throne worth using. Here's an image from the mod I saw (which does something similar) which provided the idea;


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