Thoughts on the state of Bannerlord, as of 1.6.0

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Haven't played in 11 months personally. I saw e1.6.0. I actually liked some of those features for once, and the modding stuff was looking pretty okay. So I want to play, but it's just I don't like playing without mods - easy to guess why. Not a big deal, I got a modpack of 50 mods that work well together for 1.5.9 and I'm going to add more.

All good? Edit: Yes.

Nobody cares but in response to my message earlier, I have decided that although e.1.6.0 is a solid patch with some cool features and does well for modding, it is a beta patch which means less mods will be updated to work with it. Less mods means less fun. It's not going to be worth sacrificing mod support for with what little 1.6.0 adds. I'm going to stick with 1.5.9 with a modpack until 1.6.0 goes stable then I'll take a peak at it.

Hi Maelstrom, what did you think of the progress made in your 11 month sabatical?


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I stopped playing bannerlord around November 2020 and i returned recently so i have also i perspective of around 6 month brake from the game.

I played a whole playthrough as Merc - > Vassal.
- The economy is still lacking a lot.
- There's no strategic or tactical approach in the game.
- They added a lot of really good maps, cities and castles but they still feel empty and i don't see a point to visit them except for curiosity of how they look.
- Battles are still a mess. (formations are useless, AI is stupid and there's no tactical approach to fighting)
- Sieges are still a nightmare cause of pathing issues (AI unable to climb ladders). However i should praise changes made to siege weapons. They are finally being used and targetting is a lot better.
- Castles and cities are still just map markers and nothing else. There's no value in obtaining them except for marking your territory.
- Available options of diplomacy work nice but the whole diplomacy is lacking more options.
- Snowballing problem was non existent in my playthrough
- I like new options on controlling recruitment and party behaviour (defend stance is still lacking cause they wander all around kingdom territory instead of protecting family business)

It's been more than a year now since EA release and i supported the game since the beginning. Right now i don't see a point in playing it anymore cause the most annoying parts did not change since the start and it doesn't seem they will ever change.
Hi Maelstrom, what did you think of the progress made in your 11 month sabatical?
Overall unhappy with the progress. All the topics within the last months or two have been.. unpleasant. DLC and a console release, how they handled internal modifiers, how long it's taking to fix siege AI and formations and all that, it's both painful and insulting. The updates themselves feel like Cyberpunk updates; a ton of bugfixes and little content.

Right now I have a modpack consisting of 60 mods for 1.5.9 and it's an absolute blast. I honestly don't feel inclined to update my game anymore. That you should tell you enough.
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I just wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts on the latest beta version of the game. We really appreciate posts like this that recognise the work we have put in over the past year of early access, but that's not to say that we will rest on our laurels! We will continue to keep our heads down and work on the game well into the future as we iron out the remaining problems and introduce new content.
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