Thoughts on the future of Bannerlord: Civilian Equipment, Disable Birth and Death etc.

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Hello you guys, I just wanna talk a bit about what I'd like to see in the future and some changes.

Civilian Equipment

I'd love to have more options for civilian equipment. I want to equip my mace in towns (and make use of that to be blunt perk). Or at least the smithing hammer. I get you might want to balance the quest in the settlements, but still... More freedom in this regard would be nice:
Some Blunt Weopons, Axes, maybe some helmets which look neat.

Disable Birth and Death

It's awesome Taleworlds included this option, but I do think this should also disable executions. Since there are no more new Lords being "made" :wink:
Also would be fair since you can't die either. Maybe replace it with the option to steal their armor like in Viking Conquest.


Awesome that you'll get to marry of your siblings in the future. It's already in the beta. It would be cool to extend the option to marry Merchants and Gang Leaders. Altough they are your source of recruiting, so maybe not a good Idea?


I feel there could still be something done here. Maybe you could create a confederation of Gang Leaders in your city and get a cut of profits or maybe acess to unique Gang Units.


What would be amazing, if you could create your clan. Have some siblings and maybe even some alive parents. Or start married already. I think it would be just cool to have these options. Although I do understand most people wouldn't want to spend too much time in character creation.

For now, it's just no story and no family to start with, just a different location.

Kingdom Management

I would love to give the crown to a family member, who would then rule, while I could just do my own shenanigans and help out our kingdom in my own way.

Loading Times

They could be a bit shorter. But nice Artwork though :smile:

The future I think looks really good. I played a bit at release and I wasn't really vibing it. But now I got into it again and had a lot of fun.
Overall I'd like to see more options to have a campain tailored to your liking.
Rotsa ruck with that.
The (monthly, if we're lucky) updates are more about fixing the vast crashing behaviors than adding anything substantive. (Except that 1.5.8 Main crashes at least daily for me, whereas formerly I had almost zero trouble. Regression, I fear... perhaps from trying to add something nice.)
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