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I'm having a blast playing the game! I'm loving the attention to detail I'm finding here and there with being able to play board games, the way my character moves while on horseback, and how each region comes with bonuses that further display their individuality and identity. So, since I'm having so much fun, I want to talk about but features I hope to see in the future!


1. Criminal Degeneracy - I love the criminal system and how leading bandits attributes to roguery (cool name choice). It would be soooo cool if I could officially declare myself as a bandit (and not be enemies to my fellow looters), make my own bandit hideout, and manage it like I would with a city and with fortification options to hopefully stop the inevitable attacks from mercenary parties.

2. Tournament Options - One of my favourite parts of the game! I'm enjoying how I can watch each round and see the brackets resolve. The crowd existing and being animated is cool too. While I know the game tends to pair you with weapons, or even a horse, depending on your stats, I've also experienced the joy of being able to choose your weapon in warband mods and sometimes even your armour, and I think if something like that was implemented, I would be able to enjoy the tournaments more consistently.

3. Same Sex Marriages - I know, I know, it's not necessarily historically accurate for such a thing to happen, but I think in the same way that you can play a female with the understanding that it will make diplomacy more difficult, I think allowing an option same-sex marriages would be true to the spirit of sandbox gaming.

4. City/Village Intrigue - For the first time, I enjoy walking around towns and feel like there's a reason to do so, as well. It's super cool. I got done helping a gang leader in what was a back alley scuffle and realized how much I want more interesting city related interaction. I know it's probably so much work to do something like that, but I just think that the factions are so well done, that if there were gang factions in a city and they gave gang related missions to improve roguery or other skills, that would be cool.

Okay, I should stop myself before I write an essay, because I know I will. Bye!


P.S. Just wanted to say thank you to Taleworlds for the hard work they put into M&B. I have sooo many good memories of enjoying this game with loved ones. Also, if I've covered some topics, or my formatting is wrong, I apologize. I Don't forum much but I'm bursting with excitement and had to do something with it.
3. Same Sex Marriages - I know, I know, it's not necessarily historically accurate for such a thing to happen, but I think in the same way that you can play a female with the understanding that it will make diplomacy more difficult, I think allowing an option same-sex marriages would be true to the spirit of sandbox gaming.

There's a mod for it. Not a lot of people are going to stretch their imagination of "medieval" to incorporate trendy modern gender politics. Playing as a female is completely different, I really don't see the correlation.


I'll just hop into this thread because the title seems to come from me. :wink: First, yes game's great and I love it too! Before I'd like to add some thoughts, yes, playing a real bandit would be a great option. Where looting would, in a kind of evil bandit way, would benefit at least the reputaion with all the other bad guys. Like medieval Mafia. :wink: Bribing guards, to sell your looted stuff on city markets, stuff like that. Great idea! (even though I don't know, how ralistic it is, to bake it into the game mechanics but hey, lovers dreaming :wink: )
As I don't play tournaments verry often, I don't have a real opinion to that, but marriage could definetly be upgraded. Where are concubines and bastards. Same Sex loveaffairs (woudn't want to have samesex marriage right now, just because I think, it wouldn't fit into my verry own undersanding of the calradian world. Same Sex affairs on the other hand, yes please)

But I disagree with the city life. It still feels dead to me with nearly no motivation to stroll around. And that's so sad, because they are beautiful. And that's where I would criticize the game in it's current state. The longer I play, ther more I get the feeling, of a dead world, with the one and only focus on war. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the battles! Even loosing one, just to weaken the enemy Army and breaking the siege, hoping to cause them enough casualties to retreat for a while. It's just, that beside of NPCs wanting to fight, no-one ever comes to me. And the mechanics are there. There are relationships. There is a complex economy system. There are NPCs with differnt personalities. There are bandits. And there are issues to be solved (few but there are). But I'm king of my own kindom and the only thing I do, is endless fighting and no ruling. Maybe I'm just playing the wrong way and haven't seen it, but I'm just running around defending that castle, besieging that city, loose one get two, buy peace way to easy as I'm rich as f***, if I don't want to fight. I mean I could do some quests, but then, why should I? Everyone seems to love me, if I want them to. In all this war, there seems to be no conflict. I maried a woman who explicitly said, she doesn't love me. I persuaded her, it's like it always has been, for the Clan and then, nothing happend. I've countless children with her. No conflict.

So before I start writing an eassy, with great respect for the people behind that game, as you have created a game still in verry early ealy access, that could be mind blowing complex and fun at the same time. The one thing it lacks (and maybe its just me), is the feeling of a living world. Give me conflict, not only war. Force me to make painfull decisions. Make me relate to NPCs not only by a relation value but by action. Give me a time of peace where I'm not just running arround recruiting more men, upgrading them by fighting millions of meaningless looters, just preparing for the next war that feels like the 100 before. Hide the grind behind a meaning, make it challening by conflict, by little storys, real choices. I could go on but I won't.

PS: I'm only writing this, because I like the game (like 156h already), and I realy would love to have it the best game I ever played after nearly 30 years of active gaming. Everything you need, is already there, I belive. You just have to turn it from a grinding robot, to a living world. :wink:
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