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Hey guys,

This thread is kind of to replace the old example map thread.  Here I will put some models and other resources that you are free to use in your own mods.  There isn't much here yet, but I'll gradually add to it as I finish things off.

New Death Mod

This simply adds the knock down animation as a death animation too (it will randomly pick between the two).  Of course it is possible to add completely new death animations, but I'm just showing its possible to change them in case someone has the time to do some new ones...

Simply extract the human_actions1.txt file into your Data directory (This mod will effect all mods)

For anyone who is interested,

This is the area in the file that defines death animations (near the bottom of the file)

 1026  2
  1.200000 40100 40138 33 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 
  2.000000 45400 45425 33 0 0.0 0.0 0.0

For each animation defined for the action
the 1st number = length of animation
the next two numbers are the start and end frame from the human skeleton in skeletons.brf

No Text Mod

This mod hides the text that usually pops up while fighting, as well as health and NPC names.  Note that it does not hide menu text (like if you just edited comic_sans.dds) so you can still easily play the game.  This is basically for making nice screenshots and movies of your mod (or the native game)
Simply place the files in your module directory. If you are using it with a mod, just replace the following:

load_resource = materials
load_module_resource = invisible_text
in module_info.txt

Map Icon Pack 2

Included icons:

Bridge (with 2 orientations)
Ford (with 3 orientations)
Castle, with and without walls
Town with palisade fortifications

M&B in Space

This download contains an example map, demonstrating how you can give the world map a skybox, to simulate a space field.  It is not by any means a full mod, its just an example of how you might go about making a space mod.  Combine this with some ideas from Yoshi's pirate mod, and you could fly around in space as well as walk on planets.


Thanks go to Winter for providing the python code to have the skybox "follow" the player, so that it remains in view and does not get culled.  Here is the code if you want to use it yourself:

Party entry:
  ("skybox","Skybox",icon_skybox|pf_always_visible|pf_no_label|pf_hide_defenders, 0, pt_none,    fac_neutral,0,ai_bhvr_hold,0,(2.44,  46.26),[(trp_farmer,1,0)]),

Simple Trigger entry:
(0.4, [ 

Zendar With Shadows


What it looks like in vanilla, for comparison:



Thorgrim, this is wonderful stuff. Are the map icons, an upgrade over the original pack, or something more alongside it?


Knight at Arms
Just a few of my old ones, combined together and in a format more easily added to 0.751 (the old ones were for 0.730).

I've got some more I want to add in another Pack, but I've decided to focus my spare time on animation support first.

If anyone has some icons they think would be useful for a number of mods (not just 1 off things) let me know, and I'll try add them to the next pack.

Once animation support is done I'll have a few other things to add here as well :wink:


Knight at Arms
Just bumping this in case anyone wants the no text mod, or the skybox stuff...

P.S.  I'm taking a break from making mod tools atm, due to lots of other coding that needs doing for other projects, so sorry to anyone who wanted animation support.


Master Knight
The space on the world map is great. I've thought if it would be possible to make the battle terrain invisible (I think yes), then have a space skybox in battle map, model some spaceships as horses or body armor, use invisible guns and have fights in space :grin:


Knight at Arms
Yes, I mentioned something like that in the starwars forum.  I think making all terrain invisible, and then having spherical parties as planets that you could land on would be pretty cool...

If someone else doesn't do it I think I'll have to :wink:


Doh Thorgrim, no animation support! That was so eagerly awaited! Any news on when you could possibly resume or do at least that part of the BRFEdit? Just that alone could really change a lot of things in M&B :smile:


*puts on pouty face at Thorgrim*

I was really looking forward to animation support! Boo!  Still love you anyway though bud, good work.

Ben Hussey

Sergeant Knight
With the invisible text, does that get rid of only things in the combat area, or outside it too, like the faction relation pop ups when you join or attack a faction.


Knight at Arms
Any text that pops up on the screen I'm pretty sure, though I didn't test it.  It's really just for making screenshots / movies, not for playing with.

Rifter: I have put many hours into the animation stuff, I'll finish it off some time, I'm not going to just leave it to rot.  It's just that there are more important projects I have to do at the moment unfortunately.

(:) Dvd (:)


-Make Pirate Ship vessels different types of Space Ships (IE: Corvette, Cruiser...)
-Islands = Planets
-Small Towns on Planets
-Space Stations & Ports around Planets

Anyone want to make a Space-Mod?

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