Thorgrim's Map Editor v0.9.0 (Updated 20/06/2008)

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I'm really sorry If I sound like a complete noob, but I can't work out if there's any way to make the map bigger. If anyone could tell me if it's possible, and if so, how I do it, i would be very grateful. 


It's weird, but I can't run it. It appears in the list of processes when I start it and... Nothing happens.
Windows Vista, .Net 3.5 is installed. No error appears.


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I posted this in the Mod Development forum but I figured this might be a better place.  Anyway, i'm trying to create a new map for my Star Wars mod and had a general question...

- contains town/castle names, icons, and coordinates which compiles to parties.txt
- the Map Editor updates map.txt and parties.txt (ie. moving towns/castles with the editor)

So if I want to move castles/towns now but edit in the future, how do I keep the changes that the map editor made to the town/castle coordinates in parties.txt ? Do I have to manually copy the coordinates from parties.txt to for each entry?  If so, has anybody made a simple editor to copy the coordinates from parties.txt to or is there an easier/better way to do this?

EDIT: if you re-build using your changes to parties.txt will be over-written. I wrote a quick script to copy the coordinates, see link below....,45772.msg1193603.html


Ok god dammit. I tried my hand at this and made a pretty cool map, but I saved the backup original map to a thumb drive which I accidentally left at a friend's house. Does anyone know where I can download the original map or do I have to completely re-install?

You mean Native map? If you have installer already, install M&B to some other folder, get the map and delete other stuff  :cool:
If not, well, dunno


Hi all!
Downloaded this great map editor, but somehow no text appears, just green/blue brackets instead :sad:
So if anyone could tell me what I have done wrong, it would be very nice...... Have installed it my root directory, so it's that's not the problem... would be fun to make a map, but difficult without any text.... please help anyone?


mbrepository seems keeping offline for me these days..  Can someone upload this somewhere else i need this editor badly =(


I second the above post.  Of course the repository is down, but so is the other link.  It would be a great help for someone to add a working link.  Thank you.


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Sorry about that, fixed the mirror link:

tommylaw said:
can i use this to change town garrsion sizes?

Nope, You'll need to wait for the module system to do that.

Sorry I don't have time to support this any more, but my suggestion to anyone wanting to edit the 1.003 map:  Back up your parties.txt and module.ini, as the current version of the map editor may well mess them up.  I would suggest working in a separate mod (ie make a MapEditor module) then just copy the map.txt file over to the module you are actually making.  I'll fix it at some point, but for now that's the best suggestion I have to offer.
Thorgrim said:
Sorry I don't have time to support this any more
Ugh.. sad to hear this  :sad:
Can you pretty please release the source code, so that someone can carry on?
And what will happen with BRFeditor?
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