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This would be the simplest mod (I think- I'm kinda dumb)

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If I wasn't such a philistine concerning PCs, I thought I'd make the simplest modification in the world to Rhodocks and Nords.  I want to get rid of Nordic range and replace them with infantry, plus add a cavalry wing which would be made up of infantry.  This would give me the chance to make 3 lines of infantry, which should stop a Swadian cavalry charge.  I would like to do the same thing with Rhodocks, giving them a 'cavalry' made up of infantry.  This would give you a lot more tactical control- in defence you could stand the men in lines, and in attack you could make separate column to encircle the enemy- maybe even hem in them nasty kerghits.

Before I destroy my game, could anyone point me in the right direction?  The only mod I've done was switch my guy from saying, "I'm not afraid to fight", to "Screw you!  I'm gonna kick your ass scumbag!".  It is a humble start, but its kinda given me a bug to do more...
Well, if there is 'mounted infantry', then I feel I can create 'dismounted cavalry'.  I haven't tried it yet, but is there anything in the code that requires cavalry to have a horse?
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