This shows how useful spears were

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I was watching the movie 300 the other day and when watching this scene I was like....I want this in my game play. There are a lot of forums about how useless spears are, can we have this please. (Especially at 3:47) Also the shield wall is truly amazing lol



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watch at 1:00
the only way spearwalls can feel effective is if they can physically prevent the enemy from advancing, back in march 2020, before they did an update to the AI that improved their weapon length calculation for shorter weapons, the AI would have difficulties approaching an enemy with spears, although it was probably not intended by the developers, I think it simulated quite well the fear of approaching a bunch of pointy sticks
Agents surround enemy agents and choose a position based on the weapon length of the enemy. If the enemy had a longer weapon like a spear, the surrounding agents moved a bit far from the enemy. Now they compare the enemy's weapon length with their weapon length and move closer if the enemy's weapon is longer.

so I think reverting that change would be a good first step
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the truth is no matter what you guy's opinion on spear is it's all irrelevant because it doesn't suit our vision, so just save your breath


So you are really a dev in disguise :ROFLMAO:
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