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This mod seems dead as **** right now,

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As i understand it theres a delay because they are trying to colate Red Wars' lore and map with Imperial Age/Calradia 1870

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If they try to act like Taleworlds, thats not funny. Also wasn't Communist goin' to Digipen or am I remembering wrong ? Maybe they can gather all their models to a new mod and ask Taleworlds to release as a DLC. After debugging, it could be better DLC then Napoleonic Wars.
Guess it'd be nice if the Moddb page was updated to tell us what's up, all it has is the Vaegir flag contest, Screaming Commie has been on, but has given no news.
I'm not a modder, nor would I know much effort it takes, but i'm sure it wouldn't take a second to upload a screenshot, or put a couple of words saying: 'we're not dead, just doing *activity*, and it's taking a while, please understand.'

This is what irks me about some modders, I know i'm not entitled to their work in the slightest, but it can seem deafening when the community is almost dead, the mod is rife with bugs, and ScreamingCommie has seemingly dissapeared, with the forums having some activity, but as far as I've seen, it's not been any of the modders.

Come on Commie, you're the only Modern Mod out there worth playing, it's been 3 months, at least a message on Moddb or the TaleWorlds forums would be great, to show that you aren't dead.


What you said is VERY true. We need hope. This mod has soo much potential as I have mentioned before. Thank you for the comment :smile:


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To be frank, I would say this mod is dead. Commie's too busy with Digipen, Walrus is hardly online and none of us have been able to ask him about the progress, Schalk is busy with uni, I think the rest of the RW guys have abandoned the project, and my team doesn't have access to the module system, the module itself, or anything else other than the textures and models.


That's fine that they've moved on, i understand, but did they have to leave it so horribly broken? Most of the villages are flying and half the castles are transparent...
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