This is what was expected of Bannerlord AI to behave!!!

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Devs really need to make a sticky about stuff like this.

Yes, the AI sucks however.

They are only working on crashed anyways. Most compliants will either be lost or forgotten by the time they work on combat.

From what I remember they are still using Warband combat. So they either already have or will implement a new combat system.

Yes the video show casing the AI is really cool and I agree with you that the Devs should implement something like this. However these are different games and 'dragging formations' works wierd in 3rd person. Mabye the player can create pre-determined formations then slot them?

My point being. I agree with you. But even if the devs see this and agree with you 100% they wont work on it for a while, at least I think so.

Edit: I do hope though devs are keepining a list though
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